California residents move to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom(D)

As California struggles under the radical left-wing policies of Governor Gavin Newsom, many residents say they have had enough. 

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  1. What would be the chance that they would be successful?

    Please, God, we could use some good results coming out of CA. I pray for our patriots who live in CA, God. Please have mercy of them! Thank you.

  2. Hot Damn, I suspect that a recall campaign would be harder to cheat on then an election (more’s the pity). Go California!

  3. Wow! If Californians actually recalled that POS I would be willing to think; maybe we can prevent this ship from sinking…..Maybe.

  4. There are plenty of conservative people in California. But not enough to remove not only Newsom but the overwhelmingly Dem-majority legislature. There is no chance whatsoever of recovery, the laws, including some dramatic ones signed just in the past week or so, cannot be reversed and are destructive.
    Labor law is going to kill Uber and Lyft. I am no fan of the drivers, they are worse than cabbies, but I have heard plenty of stories about what a wonderfully convenient side gig it is. With the new laws they will have to schedule their time instead of just jumping on when they are available, there will be a minimum wage, and there will be sick days and other benefits. The companies cannot sustain this.
    Another law passed about a week ago prevents suspension or expulsion of kids from public schools for any reason. So the teachers cannot stop a single student disrupting the entire class. This is exactly the type of treatment that led to the Parkland shooting.
    I have lived my entire life here. I am actively involved with super people and groups. And I will probably leave within a couple of years. Trump’s reelection won’t fix anything in CA.

  5. @jellybean – I sure wish!!!
    I could see moving to another state and still spending 100 or more days here, for tax reasons first, but my concerns are about safety and privacy too so I’m not sure I would except to visit my parents. And the vaccination laws they are pushing are another way to push aside the 4th amendment, among many other actions.
    Still hard to think about, I have spent every day of 55 years in the West L.A. area apart from 4 school years in Berkeley and 2 in San Diego, and travel. I have a lot of close ties.

  6. They recalled Gray Davis back in 2003. The problem is, they failed to undo the damage he did. That seems to be the crux of the problem, nobody ever fixes things, even when the pol’s get flushed.


  7. @Kali Refugee in Texas September 22, 2019 at 8:28 am
    You wrote what I was going to comment, since the Davis recall was successful, and the (R) Arnold then folded house of cards.
    IMO, George Deukmejian was the last best Attny GeneralGov and CA ever had.
    P.S. we vacated CA in ’09.


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