California School Saves Students From a Member of the Notorious Drug Trafficking Norteno Gang

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Dustin Carpenter – Honor Student – Norteno Gang Member???

What led grown adults in the California school system to believe Dustin was a danger to his fellow students?

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It was this shirt, bought by his mom at Kohl’s.Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.47.04 PM

School officials say this is a gang shirt. Dustin was made to put it on inside out.

You should see what Dustin can do with a Pop Tart.

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  1. In the southern mexican/azteca culture the bear is known to be the supplier of peyote and shroom to the “Macaca” which is the priestly cast of the mexican/azteca and guards them on their moonship travels throughout the illuminated psychic plains of the forbidden zone.

    Or some other shit like that …

    Anyway, as a self-identified Mayan Macaca, I’m offended by the CA teachers who made the boy turn the shirt inside-out and demand restitution.

  2. The stupid thing is the rivals of Norteno are the Suereno gang and their color is blue. Northerns are not allowed to wear blue. Stupid.

  3. “the red star on the top right of the shirt is often associated with the Norteno gang.”

    It’s part of the California flag, you bleeping retard.

  4. 200 ft high, concertina on top, electrified, guarded by machine gun nests, land mines inside – say 1/4 mile belt.

    Sounds like a plan.

    Throw in Oregon and Washington, too.

    Just keep corridors to the sea ports open.

  5. yes, but only after I get my fiancee the fuck out of that Third World Shithole. THEN fence it off.

    I’m sure we can hire a fence company from the eastern part of Deutschland that knows what the fuck they’re doing when it comes to building good fences.

  6. keep corridors to the (west coast) seaports open? O hells no! They’re all wretched hives of scum & villainy, infested with fanatical leftist unions

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