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California: ‘second-hand smog’ coming from Asia

California is so racist.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) – California is suffering from “second-hand smog” drifting in from Asia and other places, researchers said on Tuesday, even as the state’s prolonged drought has made air quality worse.

About 10 percent of ozone pollution, the main ingredient in smog, in the state’s San Joaquin Valley farm region comes from other countries, mostly in Asia, said Ian Faloona, an atmospheric scientist with the University of California, Davis.

“What’s happening upwind strongly affects what’s happening downwind,” Faloona said. If California were a human body, the area around the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco would be the mouth, “breathing in air from across the Pacific Ocean,” he said.  MORE HERE

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  1. What about the radiation in the water released by the damaged reactors?

    “‘Second-hand smog?? What you going to do about it lound-eye?”

  2. Cali imbeciles will die of mental abberations long before they succumb to any airborne radioactive nuclides….

  3. The stupid anti-science Enviro-Nazis refuse to understand that we live in a self-cleaning closed system which works fine if you keep the imbeciles from messing with it.

  4. ?? This is news to them? Trans-Pacific pollution was being remarked on for the haze as well as some spectaculat sunsets at Grand Canyon in the late 90s.

    Must have been a slow new day. Or as they say Look! Squirrel!

    People sure are easy to rile up, which is why though I’ll trust a person, I’ll never trust a herd.

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