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California Senate Puts Abortion on Demand Amendment on November Ballot


Californians will vote in November on a measure to enshrine the so-called “right” to abort an unborn baby for any reason up to birth in their state constitution.

On Monday, the state Assembly voted 58-16 in favor of the pro-abortion Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA 10). The amendment passed the state Senate earlier this month and will be on the ballot for voters’ consideration Nov. 8. More

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  1. Well that will help keep the California black population in check.

    Fur please shitcan the pop-up add!!!

  2. Keep in mind:
    Very few people support abortion ‘up to birth’.
    In 2008, as they were electing Barack 0bama to his first term, Californians voted with a slim 3% margin to define marriage as between a man and a woman. It took an activist judge to remove that. I actually voted against, merely because I don’t think that belongs in any Constitution.
    However, Dominion.

  3. There was a lot of leftist racism in 2008, as they realized that the higher black turnout likely led to the marriage amendment passing. Which they now deny, of course.

  4. “Fur please shitcan the pop-up add!!!”

    He’s not going to shit can the pop up adds. He gets revenue from them. Stop asking. They don’t bother me that much.

  5. Brad is right.

    All you have to do is click the “delete” X for the pop-up ads. Takes a couple of milliseconds, at most.

  6. Re: pop up ads, just use brave browser or a pop up blocker. Not tough to do. I started using them after getting a pop up ads with a very naked Nancy pelosi on a swing. Never again. I know technology scares and confuses some people though….

  7. I feel the same way Brad does. They are not a problem on my PC, but if I try and use the site on my phone they block damn near the entire screen and if I X out of them there is a time lag before they go down. I live with it, they are helping to pay for the site.

  8. If you use a pop up blocker I don’t think the site collects any revenue off your clicks. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Every ones gotta eat.

  9. With all of their histrionics on full display it’s hard to trust as legitimate what the other side used to claim regarding how they weren’t using abortion as a form of contraception.

  10. I think the stupid California assembly forgot that they opened the floodgates allowing millions of illegal aliens into the state, mostly Mexicans and predominantly Catholic and anti-abortion. They also, in their infinite “wisdom”, gave them the right to vote in state elections. This should work out well, as long as Dominion doesn’t do the counting.

  11. Let’s hope that most of the good people left in California tell Gruesome Newsome to fuck off and go to hell over trying to make abortion mandatory by govt. mandate thru the ballot amendment come November. And it wouldn’t surprise me if our equally shithead governor Inslee in Wash. state tries the same tactic up here. Fuck them both and Kate Brown in Oregon as well.

  12. It cost money to run this site. If you are a regular and you aren’t chipping in, I don’t want to hear you complain about the ads.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled comment: It is funny how leftists on sites such as Quora say that it is a conservative lie that anybody advocates for late term abortions outside of emergency cases.

    I do like the question, “What other rights do people expect the government to pay for?”

  13. I hope the amendment brings out even more people from the right to vote it down and democrats out of office.

  14. I use Brave on my phone (so no pop-ups) but I have a Chrome extension on my laptop that CLICKS ALL THE ADS. Every single one, every single time, making my data useless *and* generating revenue for the site.

    I like to think the two cancel each other out.

  15. It’d be “tragic”, if some enviroweenies “took down” all the dams stealing water to California.

    Three Gorges Dam(n) tragic.

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