California: ‘Sex scandal may erase Democratic supermajorities’ – IOTW Report

California: ‘Sex scandal may erase Democratic supermajorities’

California Political Review: I like Dan Walters.  The brightest and possibly the most objective journalist in California.  In this case I disagree with him—the sexual predators outed only will change the face of the Sacramento legislators, not the political party.

Democrat State Senator Mendoza is not running for re-election—in a Democrat district.  Bocanegra has resigned, but represents a Democrat District.  Dababnah may still run for re-election, in a Democrat District.  No change of parties, just faces.  DeLeon, who ignored the sexual predators is termed out—in a Democrat District.

A Democrat filled Gomez’s Los Angeles seat in a special election on Tuesday, restoring the supermajority, but if Dababneh were to be forced out, it would disappear again. His seat would eventually be occupied by another Democrat via special election, but the 2018 legislative session would begin with Democrats still short a seat.

The party’s margin in the Senate is even thinner. Were Mendoza to leave, it would drop Democrats to 26 seats, one short of a supermajority until the vacancy was filled via special election sometime in 2018.

Supermajorities allow Democrats, at least in theory, to approve tax increases, urgency bills and constitutional amendments without Republican votes. However, such actions also require Democrats to remain unified, which has proven to be difficult.

The Dems do not need a super majority in the Assembly to pass tax increases—Chad Mayes, as Assembly GOP Leader got six of his caucus to raise gas taxes by 72 cents a gallon, on the basis it would be “worse” if they didn’t agree.  Until the GOP has legislators that stand by workers and families, the Dems will continue to raise taxes—super majority or not.  read more

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  1. My God.
    They RAISED the gasoline tax by 72 cents and they weren’t all voted out?
    Ha ha ha.
    The masses in California are stupid, or nuts.
    But they deserve all the political torture they receive.

  2. Mr Anth Ropy : We are far from Stupid, we were over run by soft National Border Policies as well as all of your Lesbo and Homo Children Whos’e Conservative Parents Disowned them. The Gay problem also Sprung out of the Gay Navy Boy’s and retired Officers who hold alot of the Gay’s Power !

  3. Why do the Republicans bother? Just collect your paycheck and do nothing but vote “no” on everything.

    Stop trying to play nice.

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