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California to become 1st state to offer free school lunches for all students


With food prices, inflation, and food insecurity on the rise in California, leaders in education are taking action.

Beginning this school year, California will be the first state to implement the Universal Meals program, providing free meals to all schoolchildren.

The program will make sure all kids have access to free meals at school.

It’s a big win for the district and the students.

Merced Union High School District (MUHSD) got a head start. Because of the need, the district was already serving free breakfast and lunch, taking the pressure off students in the lunch line.

Now, across the state, instead of worrying about packing a lunch, students can get yummy options at no cost.

On average, 1 out of every 5 Californians does not know where their next meal will come from.

So that’s why the MUHSD’s director of nutritional services says health and equity are top of mind.

“When a student would come through a lunch line and they were considered to be a free student, it would create definitely a barrier with getting meals during the day,” says Erin Tassey.

While student Yohan Zuzlewski had to pay for lunch last year, he’s grateful to also be saving a few bucks.

“I remember when I was in elementary school I had to pay for lunch and I really didn’t like that, it’s nice to know that this benefits everyone overall.”

The program is a part of Assembly Bill 130 signed into law by Governor Newsom last July.

On Thursday, school workers prepped for lunch portioning out pizza with whole grain bread.


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  1. California’s economy is in the shitter so what this means is:
    we all get to pay for this when the Fed bails them out!

  2. Universal Basic Lunch will be followed by Universal Basic Income followed by Universal Maximum Income.

  3. “…students can get yummy options at no cost.”

    …setting aside the obvious lie and generally stupid word “yummy”, the REST of the statement is a lie TOO.

    An honest reading would be, “.. students can get yummy options at no cost TO THEM”.

    SOMEONE pays for it.

    …and, since the Federal Government refunds State taxes which effectively results in Federal wealth transfers from low tax Red states to high tax Blue states, looking at YOU, every Federal taxpayer in in America, looking at YOU.

  4. Meanwhile the parents receive EBT/Food Stamps to feed the family, but don’t have to worry about breakfast or lunch for the kids. … Except in the summer, when the campaign to extend the “free” breakfast & lunch program so those kids don’t starve will begin.

  5. “since the Federal Government refunds State taxes”

    You will have to explain to me how that works exactly. I pay 9.3% of my yearly earnings in state taxes here in California and the Federal Government does not refund a dime of that. Sure, a portion of property taxes is deductible but that is the case in every state.

    And the dirty little secret is that California has been subsidizing free meals at schools for years. Any student can “purchase” school meals on credit and at the end of the school year, the “loans” are forgiven.

  6. Control the food supply; control the maggots.
    Any idiot who thinks he’s getting something for “free” is too dumb to live.

    “You think it’s expensive now? Wait until it’s free!”
    (dead white dude)

    Another scam for the politicians to skim.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Tim for the Win! Politicians are gonna do more than skim, they’re gonna make a fortune off of it. Huge amounts of money go into these projects but only very little of it is actually spent on it, where does the rest of the money go?

  8. In Oregon, the school district we lived in had “free” school lunches and breakfast available during the summer break too. Not sure if they offered breakfast tacos, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  9. why are public school systems in the food service industry

    the school district in my area has a YUGE refrigerated warehouse
    guess where I’m going when the shtf

  10. Big deal. Virginia has had free lunches for years we just don’t brag about it. Of course the tax payers are paying for it and that’s one of the things I don’t mind my taxes going for. No child should go hungry, even illegals children. It’s not their fault they’re here.

  11. If you just gave all your money to the government, everything would be free. Everything you are allowed to have, that is.

  12. Which is what I said, a portion of your property taxes is deductible, but that 9.3% state income tax that I pay, none of that is refunded back to me from the federal government. The price I pay for living in a commie Blue State, admitted.

  13. Just as bad 50 years ago; school cafeterias have some things on the menu that aren’t bad; others not so much, and a multitude of good food goes to waste.
    My custodian Grandfather fed us well on livestock that was, in turn, supplemented with a lot of tossed lunches.
    A lot of hogs, beef, rabbits, and fowl of every type got turned into meals on that farm.
    I’m thinking that will be a premier way of life in the near future.

  14. Free lunches? They must be going to feed the kids yummy fruits and nuts of which California has an abundance!!

  15. Anonymous AUGUST 13, 2022 AT 12:41 PM
    You make 6 grand a week and live in an apartment?
    Must have one hell of a smack habit.

  16. What Dr. Milt pointed out was that “Free” stuff cost society 3 top 5 times as much as if the receiver had actually bought it! It is a lengthy analysis, But if youre interested ask, one of my Sheep Skins is and Econ degree.

    Milt’s point was the basis for Ronny’s policies; many of which were stymied by the GOP left!

    Again for emphasis.

    “Free stuff” costs society (taxpayers” many times more than had the recipient paid for it! So us Cal taxpayers are going to be forced to pay $12 for meals that would have only cost $3 were to govt not involved!

    “Govt will never solve problems … GOVT IS THE PROBLEM!” Ronny was right in ’47; still right in ’88!
    Were he alive right in ’22!


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