California: Union Fails to Win Major Concessions in Deal to End Teachers Strike in L.A.

Breitbart: The United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) reached an agreement Tuesday morning to end the ongoing teachers’ strike, with only minor concessions to the teachers’ union.

The deal includes a 6 percent salary increase for teachers — the same amount the district had offered — as well as “meaningful class size reductions” without a specific cap, LAUSD Superintendent Austin Buener told reporters at a press conference with union leaders and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti at City Hall.

Garcetti, a potential Democratic Party candidate for president in 2020, praised all parties to the agreement. more here

5 Comments on California: Union Fails to Win Major Concessions in Deal to End Teachers Strike in L.A.

  1. A classic liberal move. The union suffered a defeat in negotiations and claims a victory. Nothing will change, just more kabuki theater.

  2. They are playing with the same cards, they latest dealr mean the deck must be reshuffled every six months. This deal ignores student needs.

  3. The same teacher who can’t teach 15 students math is now going to get paid more to not teach 10 students math! Only in California is this considered to be a victory!

  4. Why negotiate. Just give them each a spelling test. When they flunk, fire them. So what if they have to hire a couple thousand teachers. Kids are probably getting smarter without the teachers.

  5. If these union officials and members really wanted smaller class sizes, they would look to the cause of large class sizes – namely illegal immigrant students, and mentally ill students, (all those who do not belong in a classroom with civilized young people, but come to do nothing but disrupt). They would look and they would see that they had voted people into office to rule their cities, counties and state who NEVER have anyone they care for except themselves, the almighty dollar, and their reelection campaigns.

    People who can do work work, those who can’t work teach and those who can’t work or teach run union shops and political campaigns.

    (I realize there are wonderful teachers out there who care about the kids, but this kind of blindness makes me furious.)


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