California Wildfires


[…] Firefighters are battling a raging 475-acre brush fire that shut down the 405 Freeway near the world-famous Getty Center, prompting mandatory evacuations for residents and shutting down one of the busiest freeways in Los Angeles.

By 1 p.m., all lanes were reopened, but the damage to the already taxing LA commute had been done. The blaze was at 5 percent containment by Wednesday afternoon.

Pictures, videos at this link. Looks like hell’s waiting room.
Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. Environmentally this is going to phuck up their air. The carbon dioxide and monoxide
    will also make the air dangerous to breath. So I suggest holding your breath.

  2. it has become so clear that Kalipornia is so intent on making itself into a third-world banana republic, that with each continuing disaster I find myself less & less caring about its eventual demise
    … actually sad, really …

  3. @Brad: Well, you could be singing “Wildfire”.

    “She’s coming for me, I know
    And on Wildfire we’re both gonna go
    We’ll be riding Wildfire…”


  4. That stretch of the 405 is a nightmare most of the time. I can’t imagine the traffic if the freeway was closed for any length of time because there really isn’t a good way around it.

  5. Curiously absent is the question :
    ” Who’s setting these fires ?”
    Is anybody investigating ?
    These occurrences are getting to be
    too frequent and comprehensive
    not to be.

  6. People in L.A don’t know how to react to Fire anymore, they were as good at Teamwork as we are down south. They are now as Transient as a Bus station, and they are Clueless !!!

  7. I remember how many liberals were wishing conservatives would die in the floods in Miami and Houston. They kept saying where is the conservatives God all the flooding going on. I just say it’s quite schadenfreude for all those liberal Californians to be burning out of house and home karma is a cunt

  8. I have kids, grandkids, friends and ex-wife there, still have trouble giving a fuck.
    Been telling them all to get out while they still could for years.
    Been back but never look back.

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