Californians Object to Islamic Call to Prayer Over Loudspeakers at 4:30AM

Now they’re really woke.

Frontpage-Robert Spencer:

Diversity is being duly celebrated in the Los Angeles area these days, as neighbors of the King Fahad Mosque in Culver City are now treated to what Barack Obama called the most beautiful sound in the world, the Islamic call to prayer, blared over loudspeakers five times a day, beginning at 4:30AM. And lo and behold, some Culver City residents have had the temerity, the audacity, the unrestrained “Islamophobia,” to complain about the noise. As Greta Thunberg might say, How dare they? Don’t they know they live in California, and that California is the most woke of states?

It’s likely that most of the people who were complaining were Leftists who, in other contexts, would denounce concern about jihad violence and Sharia oppression as “Islamophobia” and “bigotry.” So now they have what they have wanted and enabled. They should be very proud. They can get up at 4:30 every morning and celebrate diversity. read more

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  1. …wherever the adhan is heard is considered the property of Islam, so they will NOT back off of it, nor do they believe they SHOULD now that you’ve been officially claimed by the Caliphate.

    You just don’t know what that means.


    But you will.

    And believe me, Muzzie scream shouting in the dark of night will be the LEAST of your worries when you DO.

    ..probably SHOULD have looked into Islam a bit more before welcoming it with open legs, maybe at LEAST cracked a Koran to get their own words about the savage future they plan for you, but your Democrat masters told you “all’s well, Orange Man Bad, don’t be racist”, and now here you are, good luck with that…

  2. Why the hell should they be allowed to even practice their hate in this country when Christians are not allowed to practice love and friendship in their hellholes.??

  3. Don’t think of it as a call to prayer, Culver Cityites; think of it as the call of diversity/strength!
    OTOH, after the noise, you’ll have their location…

  4. What they’re really saying in their “call to prayer” is “Screw you California – – we’re taking over!”

  5. “What they’re really saying in their “call to prayer” is “Screw you California – – we’re taking over!””

    More like “Screw you California, we’ve taken over”

    That’s what the call to prayer is, an announcement of Muslim conquest and dominance of an area.

  6. I was just thinking. It’s very difficult for me to tell one Moslem woman from another just by feeling their cloth-covered faces. You have to squeeze the boobs for size and shape.

  7. Or maybe a neighbor could just “go along with it” — how could city officials or the Muslims complain? — by selecting a few choice quotes in English (Robert Spencer has them) and counter-blasting an equally loud audio that “It’s time to pray to Allah to… kill the infidels…” etc. until the city shuts ALL the noise down. Until then, it is equally-protected comparable first amendment “free speech” countering ideas in the “public square”.

  8. ……… 4th world shitholes where islum is the only ´religion´ allowed I can understand the need for the broadcasts. IQ levels averaging 70, people unable to tell time or read need a prompt.
    In the west the need is much less, if even needed.

  9. In a year or two California fools will just sit there and let them lop off their heads, without complaint.

  10. ” justice ” in the old days was very simple

    If someone repeatedly did something
    you didn’t like

    You killed them

    End of problem

    If they violently reacted to
    your solution

    You killed the rest of them

    End of problem

    Lawyers and court systems
    have complicated problem solving.

  11. It’s not a call to prayer….It’s an Auction…

    Gottagoat, gottagoat, gottagoat


    Up nexxxxxxxxxtttt is this barely fucked Chicken

    layanegg layanegg layanegg…Rightcheer!

  12. Muslin call to prayer? There’s an app for that. Christians, particularly we Catholics, have prayers that are said at particular times of day, such as the Angelus. Most people have phones with private reminders, that’s what I use.


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