Californians Told Not To Charge Their Electric Cars During Heat Wave


California’s power grid operators have asked the state’s residents to conserve electricity in order to put less strain on the power grid amid a major heat wave.

The Epoch Times reported that the California Independent System Operator (ISO) told residents numerous times in the past week to voluntarily conserve energy, even asking them on social media to avoid charging electric vehicles during peak usage times. 

The ISO also said residents should avoid “use of large appliances and turning off extra lights,” and wrote that “[T]his usually happens in the evening hours when solar generation is going offline and consumers are returning home and switching on air conditioners, lights, and appliances.” More

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  1. So what good is an electric car if there is no electricity to charge it with? I’ll keep my older non electric car which runs perfectly fine, thank you. And where exactly do you find pixie dust and unicorn farts to power your I’m better than you are because I drive an electric vehicle. My brother has a very good used Subaru Legacy AWD station wagon with all the bells and whistles and only 100 K miles on it which I am getting from him in the next few days. No electric weenie mobiles for me.

  2. Liberals are getting bit in the ass by their own stupidness.

    How will they get to the Antifa riots and fag parades if they can’t use their Priuses? Dumb bastards.

  3. The ISO also said residents should avoid “use of large appliances…”

    The refrigerator is the largest appliance in most homes.

  4. Remember POTUS Trump saying he wanted to watch tv one night and hoped the wind was blowing?😁
    California pretty much sux. Southern California anyways.

  5. Remember what our snippy little Fed Secretary of Energy said during the pipeline hack. “Well if you people drove electric cars you wouldn’t have a problem now would you” Communists suck

  6. And how many power plants Coal & Nuclear have they shut down ? Sit there and sweat , you voted for it. Buy a horse oh that emits CO2 . Guess you’ll just have to walk.

  7. Told My 78 year old Dad about this tonight when he came over for American Bourbon (Woodford Reserve) in his Mercedes SL-500 Convertible.

    “Fuck Them, I remember when I had no money and was driving in a Beetle with the Tank on Empty on I-75 and the signs read Gas Stop 40 miles. Never The F-cK Again!”

    Side Note: It is amazing how far you can come when you grew up POOR and wanted to work.

    Love You DAD!

  8. @CC

    Is it even technically a Car when it is “Bricked” on the driveway Dead as a Doorknob?
    In theory, it isn’t even a TV set or a laptop.

  9. Gas prices skyrocketing and shortages starting to appear in some locations. Supply chain issues and food prices rising rapidly. Now power shortages and the best the communist death democrats pond scum can do is to either institute rolling black outs or urge the citizens of this country to cut back on the power usage.

    How come no one ever conducts a study to see what the effect of tens of millions of illegal aliens who do not belong in this country on the gas supply, food supply, power supply, medical availability etc. etc. Especially in California. Ask yourself this – If our country deported all of these tens of millions of illegal aliens would there be any of these shortages? Scarcity of basic commodities leads to higher prices. The tens of millions of illegal aliens are a major strain on our country. The only shortage that doesn’t exist right now is crimes and violence. Did you know that illegal aliens kill over 2,000 of us every year?

    This cannot go on like this much longer.

  10. Next up: A generator attachment for your Peloton so you can charge your car while riding your bike.

    Wait, what?

  11. I can just picture what goes on at night, guys running around with extension cords, trying to charge their cars from their neighbor’s outlets.

  12. We knew back in the 70s that the grid was not capable of supporting charging everyone’s electric car. Now with the shutting down of nuclear, coal and gas generation it’s even worse. This is a Liberal Pipe Dream or a Communist’s Wet Dream… not much difference!

  13. No worries, I don’t own an electric car so that means I can put my thermostat at 68 during this heat wave. I’m entitled. 🙂

  14. CC July 1, 2021 at 6:49 am

    Next up: A generator attachment for your Peloton so you can charge your car while riding your bike.

    Wait, what?

    I have a friend who rigged up his exercise bike to his TV. If the kids wanted to watch TV, they had to ride the bike in order to watch it. His two boys wore out the bike.

  15. This is all part of the globalist long term plan. Convince people to buy crap electric cars. Then scream global warming and get rid of the reliable coal and natural gas fired power plants. Waste billions/trillions putting up unreliable wind turbines and solar cells (which have a very limited life span, harm the environment, and present a gargantuan problem with waste when they expire). Due to a “shortage” of power, and inadequate grid, prevent people from charging their wonderful Teslas. Drive the price of gas and diesel so high that the middle class can’t afford to run them. Eventually outlaw ALL internal combustion engines (including jets). You now have an immobile population at the mercy of “public transport” and the whims of the government. Add this to the medical tyranny being extrapolated out from the “covid plandemic”, and the lives of the serfs, oops citizens, are completely under the iron fisted control of our “elected” officials. Welcome to the great reset and the new world order, where you will “own nothing and be happy about it”.

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