California’s Built-In Disaster


It’s not “climate change” that has caused the destruction of a number of communities in California over the last decade or so, it’s their own permissive policy in allowing developers to place new homes in areas prone to burn or flood (called wildland-urban interface zones or WUI). The result? The rest of the state (and the nation) subsidizes this recklessness with increased insurance, fire suppression and disaster relief when the inevitable tragically happens.

Between 2000 and 2013, more than three-quarters of all buildings destroyed by fire in California were in the state’s WUI, and more were destroyed there than in all the WUI areas across the rest of the continental U.S. combined, according to a recent study led by Anu Kramer, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. That is partly because of increasing construction in the WUI and partly because it is so weakly regulated.


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  1. Building in the WUI is a result of liberal policies, not the least of which is allowing the state to be overrun with immigrants, both legal and illegal. Yes, people are fleeing the cities due to overcrowding, crime, traffic, and all the other effects of over-population. But hey, all these immigrants vote Dem, so no problem, right?

  2. Obvious to those of us who live here. Especially if you’ve lived here for decades. Since it doesn’t happen every year but rather every 10 or 20 years, the development goes on and is usually by rich liberals buying in those areas. Same problem with earthquakes. Look at downtown San Francisco. Bad earthquakes happen rarely so construction goes on as if they don’t happen at all.


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