California’s Cap And Trade Auction Fails Miserably

Pirate’sCove: Members of the Cult of Climastrology keep telling us that one of the great methods to stop the Earth from burning to a cinder from a marginal greenhouse gas increasing marginally is a cap and trade scheme. How’s that working out in California? Well, you surely read the headline, so


(LA Times) The latest auction in California’s cap-and-trade market for greenhouse gases fell sharply below expectations, as buyers purchased just 2% of the carbon credits whose sale funds a variety of state programs — notably, the proposed high-speed rail project.

The quarterly auction, conducted May 18 and announced Wednesday, will provide just $10 million for state programs, including $2.5 million for the bullet train. The rail authority had been expecting about $150 million.  MORE

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  1. ” … sharply below …”? They got 2% and they characterize that as nothing more significant than “sharply below”? If you opened your paycheck to reveal it was 2% of what you expected would you think of that a nothing more then “sharply below” what you usually take home? No. Of course you wouldn’t. But you’re not the LA Slimes.

  2. Software and Cell Phone App writers require very few Carbon Credits. I find it ironic that the very industries they’ve tried so hard to push out of this state are the ones they are relying on to finance this bull shit. You should see some of our roads. No money to rebuild those because cars are to efficient. Fing idiots

  3. Someone needs to bury that money sucking, laundering bullet train in the middle of nowhere, going nowhere. People may as well buy lake front property at El Mirage Lake, CA.

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