California’s Gavin Newsom orders wineries shut, keeps his own open

American Thinker:
By Monica Showalter

It is good to be PlumpJack.

That’s the name of California governor Newsom’s winery, founded by Newsom himself and his good friend Gordon Getty.  And by a wild coincidence, PlumpJack’s somehow exempt from shutdown based on the accident of its location, tony Napa county, which is exempt from Newsom’s latest order to shut down.

Others, not so much.  According to Fox26:

FRESNO, Calif. — Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered the closures of certain businesses across 19 counties in California Wednesday, in response to the growing daily number of novel coronavirus cases (COVID-19) in recent weeks. Those counties included Fresno, Kern, Kings, Merced and Tulare in the Central Valley.

The closures included restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos and museums, cardrooms, and bars. Gov. Newsom’s winery and tasting room in Napa Valley remained open as of the July 1, 2020 order.

Not so lucky are the big wineries, the E & J Gallo operations, including its huge operation in Livingston, California, the world’s biggest.  Gallo’s had the unlucky accident of being situated in Merced County, in the state’s center and on the shutdown list.  Its vast winery and wine-tasting rooms are closed.  Its workers will likely be laid off.  Too bad about that.  Maybe PlumpJack can buy up the pieces once the post-bankruptcy fire sale is on. more

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  1. In Newsom’s case shouldn’t his winery (whinery) be named Limpjack. Want to really piss him off, send in a large spontaneous gathering of Christians to sing and shout and dance and praise the Lord at the top of their lungs in the midst of where he grows his grapes. They could call it the Grapes of Wrath for God’s judgement on this fool.

  2. Should be required to shut down due to conflict of interest appearance. Isn’t that what they all try to push on the President’s hotels?

  3. What a sweet money laundering operation.
    Rent seekers and political donors can engage by the case.

  4. OK, to be fair, it’s not like all the wineries in Napa County are closed except his.

    Newsom made the decision to close these 19 counties due to the increased spread of COVID, those counties (like Napa) that did not see a massive spike in infections remained open. All the other wineries in Napa county are open, just like his.

    If his winery was in one of the affected counties then it would be closed as well.

  5. Maybe there needs to be disabled, white vans blocking the road to the winery?? (And no, I’m not talking about handicap-sticker vans.)

  6. So, DumbJack is now closing through Monday “due to logistical issues”. Logistical issues?! Is that a new phrase for “caught being a lying, hypocritical tyrannical piece of putrid, rotting offal”?

  7. Santa Monica now has a mask mandate until July 31, ‘as long as you are near someone’, in essence. I just came back from an 11-block walk to my coffee shop. One couple waited for me to pass, one commenting ‘he doesn’t have a mask’. Another said ‘Please wear your mask!’, to which I responded with a bitter tone ‘I have a medical exemption!’ It is empowering to respond that way! Everyone else was fine, some with masks and some without. I put on my bandanna to get my coffee then went outside, sat with 3 other guys and all without masks. As I told them, ‘I have a medical exemption. That’s between my doctor and me. And I’m not telling you what kind of doctor!’ 🙂
    I am very pissed off that L.A. County closed all the beaches this weekend. But I have plenty to do and will make the most of it, will still get my exercise in and am having lunch today with a friend I’ve known since kindergarten but haven’t seen since high school.

  8. Yup, seems I just developed a medical condition.
    Unfortunately, due to HIPAA laws, I can not disclose the condition.

  9. My buddy’s daughter came from LA to NC for a weeks visit.
    She had lost both of her jobs due to the Whuflu.
    She said she had been staring at her apartment walls for months. They are running around in South Western NC visiting many small breweries, going to his clubs and generally having a ball. She extended her visit to two weeks and I believe is considering staying since the CA tyrant just shut everything she liked down again.
    California is losing its last good people in droves.

  10. Where I’m situated, the city shut down their annual fireworks display because of COVID-19 FEAR yet get this. They are letting BLM gather for a 1,000 loser ass protest! UnFUCKINGbelievable. PEOPLE ARE PISSED.

    Gotta give this coronavirus credit though. It has exposed so much leftist privilege and hypocrisy. Part of God’s Plan?


  11. Wildfire season now, isn’t it? Be an AWFUL shame, if someone were dump hundreds of gallons of gasoline around the spread, while smoking… 😉

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