California’s PG&E to bury 10,000 miles of power lines to prevent wildfires

July 21 (Reuters) – California power company Pacific Gas and Electric (PCG.N) said on Wednesday it would bury 10,000 miles of power lines in high-risk fire zones as a safety measure after its equipment caused multiple destructive wildfires over several years.

The utility, which called the project a multi-year initiative, maintains more than 25,000 miles of overhead distribution power lines in the highest fire-risk zones, or more than 30% of its total distribution overhead system, according to the company.

The move by PG&E comes days after it said its equipment may have been involved in the start of a recent wildfire in Sierra Nevada, according to a filing by PG&E to regulators published on the internet by a San Francisco Chronicle journalist. more

15 Comments on California’s PG&E to bury 10,000 miles of power lines to prevent wildfires

  1. Since buried power cost 10 times suspended limes what could possibly go wrong?

    Ability to upgrade? Who needs it, those electric choo-choos and cars (not to mention buses) will just charge themselves off the do-gooder glow…

  2. Won’t this impede the migration of the Three-Toed Ocelot Snailopotamus? I mean, I like to “bury cable” just like the next guy (wink, wink), but we gotta think of the impact of our actions upon the environment! What if they kill a Snipe or a Jackalope? I don’t know if I want that on my conscience… just sayin’

  3. And of course, they’ll be passing on the cost of all that to the consumer. It ain’t comin’ out of the THEIR bottom line.

  4. Charge California commiecrats three times the cost. Conservatives should not have to pay a cent. Commiecrats are responsible for everything wrong in the once beautiful state of California. Make them pay.

  5. And what power are they going to transmit? The state is shutting down all the coal ,gas and nuclear plants. Oh yea solar and wind Unicorn Farts will work. Better buy a horse.

  6. Think of all the brush clearing jobs they could give to their beloved illegals, if they didn’t have their environmental heads up their asses.

    Oh right, it’s only about feeling good, not actually doing good.

  7. Florida learned that financial lesson after repeated replacements of power lines due to hurricanes.

  8. There’s a few people that don’t think that overhead power lines are the primary problem.

  9. #%^#*^%, Your posting to fast. I don’t feel like I’m posting to fast. Lost the entire novel I just wrote. God Damn.
    The problem is the forest floor. I’s a tinder box. I use the NATIONAL FORREST a lot. That’s where the problem is and they’re controlled by the Feds. So why are Cali Forest floors liters with dead lay down and waste high dead brush? The only Forest Service personnel I ever see are the Law Enforcement guys. Boo Boo bear with a gun. JDHasty, how are your forests?

  10. 10,000 miles of underground power lines? “The utility, which called the project a multi-year initiative…”

    No Shit!

  11. I will do some reaserch.There is loss in any conductor
    that transmits electrical current if there weren’t
    you would have a form of perpetual motion.We know that
    in our universe that CANNOT happen.What is the loss per 100 miles of overhead Vs buried.I bet the overhead wins.

  12. If they don’t do some forest maintenance it won’t make any difference.
    But I’m certain they know that.
    More burden on the consumer. More lies. More money.
    CA’s a scam from top to bottom.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. I predict after spending hundreds of millions the wire will be found defective and leaking massive amounts of electricity into the soil, killing small wildlife, damaging generation equipment, and of course, causing long-term power outages; and I mean months.


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