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California’s Public Golf Courses to be Converted to Affordable Housing Complexes Under AB 672

California Globe: A bill in the California Legislature authored by Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) is proposing to convert California public/municipal golf courses into affordable housing. Assembly Bill 672 provides $50 million in developer subsidies to redevelop California’s municipal golf courses into affordable housing complexes.

Yes, it’s a real thing. Assembly Bill 672 says:

Publicly owned golf courses: conversion: affordable housing.

Existing law establishes the Department of Housing and Community Development and requires it to, among other things, administer various programs intended to fund the acquisition of property to develop or preserve affordable housing.

This bill would, upon appropriation by the Legislature, require the department to administer a program to provide incentives in the form of grants to local governments that make publicly owned golf courses available for housing and publicly accessible open spaces, as specified.

GolfWeek reported the bill would:

• Remove municipal golf courses from protections of the Public Park Preservation Act.

• Provide an exemption to the California Environmental Quality Act or CEQA.

• Make it easier to rezone public open-space land for housing.

Assemblywoman Garcia’s AB 672 “Fact Sheet” below states, “Golf courses proliferate in and around California’s urban centers. As golf declines, the state can craft a ‘grand bargain’ to encourage redevelopment of golf courses in a way that promotes equity and affordability, and fights climate change.”

Golf is declining? In California? more

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  1. Understand that in CA, ‘Affordable Housing’ means that the tenants pay an ‘affordable amount’. But the housing is expensive (and profitable) to build, and the government likely subsidizes payment – so the builders and landlords profit, the poor get housing,… and the middle class pays more taxes.

  2. Has anyone noticed the inverse correlation between tax rates and the amount of those taxes that actually benefit that part of the population that pays those same dollars into the government treasury? In fact it would appear to me as though it is so universal that it is a given that as tax rates and/or gross revenues government takes in services go down, infrastructure deteriorates and government salaried do-nothing productives proliferate. It would be one thing if what were delivered that actually benefits the tax paying percentage of the population were to just maintain the status quo, but if there is a single instance in which deliverables the taxpayers place value on does not precipitously decline concurrent with taxes going up practically exponentially.

  3. Leftists only play golf if there’s a little windmill they have to hit the ball through, so they don’t care.

  4. We can’t very well expect the homeless to sleep on the streets, what with all the feces and needles lying about.

  5. @joe6pak – don’t know whether you will see this, I was a few miles from the fire but upwind. Pretty crazy. RogerF is a ways south of the fire.
    @Brad – yeah, that too, and so much more. CA just doesn’t care about its middle class.

  6. Our town has an old city course that is up before the commission to be developed. Libs in town are all upset, think it should be a park. What bothers me is we have thousands of homes and apartment being built right now and little to nothing is being done to improve the roads. We are already seeing gridlock we’ve never had before, what harm can come from a few thousand more cars on the roads?

  7. Yes, replace the environmentally friendly green space with 1960’s Harlem style gettos to get the homeless out of the cities downtowns. Sounds like more Democratic build back better logic.

  8. Want a perfect metaphor for Commiefornia? A city sewage pipe judt broke and spilled 7 million pounds of human shit onto 7 miles of beaches in LA and Irange counties….

    They deserve every single ounce of shit they voted for.

  9. Are there any Affordable Housing Complex properties left from the 60’s?

    They’re probably all gone but we should have left one here and there as monuments to progressive Utopianism. These morons think their brain farts are brilliant original ideas.


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