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Calling Out Former Attorney General William Barr

American Greatness:
By Lloyd Billingsley

“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election,” Attorney General William Barr told reporters in November 2020. In a June 2 deposition for the Democrats’ farcical January 6 committee, Barr still maintains that he hasn’t seen evidence of voter fraud on a scale that could have affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. While the former attorney general saw nothing for nearly two years, Dinesh D’Souza was compiling evidence of voter fraud.

2000 Mules” used cell phone data and government surveillance tapes to document illegal vote harvesting in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Texas. In Georgia alone, the film reviewed 4 million minutes of dropbox video. In his deposition for the Democrats, Barr erupted in laughter. 

The tracking and photographic evidence were “unimpressive,” Barr said, the documentary “didn’t establish widespread illegal harvesting,” and the film’s conclusions were “indefensible.” D’Souza called him out. 

What do you say, Barr?” D’Souza tweeted, “Do you dare back up your belly laughs with arguments that can withstand rebuttal and cross-examination?” At this writing, Barr hasn’t taken up the challenge, and other events failed to elicit comment. 

On January 6, 2021, Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd shot and killed unarmed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and the only death by gunfire on that day. In contrast to other shootings by police officers, Byrd faced no charges

What do you say, Barr? Did Byrd do the right thing? Was the failure to press charges a triumph of justice? As the people should know, when it comes to federal agents shooting unarmed civilians, particularly women, William Barr can boast of his experience. 

During the Ruby Ridge siege of 1992, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot the unarmed Vicki Weaver in the head as she held her infant child. Snipers are trained carefully to “acquire” the target so the killing was not accidental, as FBI boss Louis Freeh claimed. This went down during Barr’s first stint as attorney general from 1991-1993.  more

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  1. There are two people and two people alone responsible for the hell we’re in today: Jeff Sessions and William Barr.

  2. you give too much credit to Sessions & Barr … there were a cast of thousands …
    the FBI, DOJ, State Department, DHS, CIA, dupe William Mueller, Comey, et al

    & let’s not forget the backstabbing RINOs … McConnell, Ryan, Graham, Romney, Collins, Cheney, … & on & on … that sold out

  3. MOVUN: Sessions and Barr controlled the Justice Department and the FBI. Had they just done the right thing….

  4. I still lay the majority of the blame on the MSM.

    If they reported the shit, lies and deceit as it happened….the people would see the facts for themselves.

  5. If Trump gets elected again he needs people like Billingsly to do background checks on potential appointees.

  6. It’s almost — not quite, of course — that after swearing your allegiance, you rise to the level of your intolerance.

  7. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Suuuuure, Barr, it’s easy to not see something while your eyes are closed.

  8. I hate to dog Rush Limbaugh since he is dead, but….he sang the praises of GWB, Cheney, Karl Rove, Scooter, etc back in the Bush admin. Then during the Sessions and Barr tenure, it was the same thing. “TRUST ME FOLKS”. When the AG uses that language it means blah blah blah. Well, Rush was wrong.

  9. When asked if he had seen “2000 Mules” in an interview with (the Evil) Glenn Beck, he admitted that he had not. Hence the quote “I haven’t seen…”.

  10. Did you actually think that after the massive election fraud in 2020, especially after us fucking rubes didn’t do shit, much less “conservative stalwarts like Tom “lets move on” Cotton, that there would be a chance to vote our way back to sanity?

    We don’t have a government, it’s a criminal cartel. Wedon’t have representation in it either and if you think so, you are one crazy, out to lunch mofo.

    BTW the epitome of just how fucking stupid our Republican “leaders” think we are, both Mike Pence & Tom Cotton are running for the nod in 2024. Wouldn’t surprise me for a second if Jeb! decided to as well.

  11. “… To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that …”

    How much fraud is acceptable?
    How much treason is allowed?

    Would you eat a half gallon of ice cream if it had only 1 ounce of shit in it?
    1/2 ounce?
    What’s your limit, Barr?

    What we tolerate, we get. More of. If we tolerate ANY treasonous election fraud (for election fraud IS treason – a direct contradiction to self-rule), we encourage election fraud.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Idiots & your false-fake claims of voter fraud unfounded. Found only by his cult followers. Morons the whole lot of ’em. I do have something you can find thats real, my big toe & suck on please. My ole toe jam gives it special flavor, just like aged cheese.

  13. Was hand picked by Trump! Some people just will not do the dirty deeds he wanted to be done. Called ethics. He thought power & money would give him whatever he demanded.

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