Calling this a “controversy” is depressing – NY Mets Unexpected brush with Donald Trump Jr.


Mickey Callaway maneuvers through his first Mets controversy, explains how group ran into Donald Trump Jr. while shark fishing.

“He just happened to be on the beach fishing. It would be the same if we walked into a restaurant and somebody is in there eating, don’t think we can control that,” Callaway said Saturday afternoon. “I guess I could call the Secret Service and get his schedule and schedule around it.”

Not even a week into the first spring training and the Mets “wandered” into their first controversy of the season.

The Mets staff immediately decided the team’s social media account would not tweet pictures or video of players or on-field personnel with Trump…

While the majority of clubhouses tend to lean toward the conservative side of the political scale, this current political climate has changed that. With players from around the world, there are differing opinions of this administration’s policies on immigration, the travel ban (which included Venezuela) and the state of race relations in America.


14 Comments on Calling this a “controversy” is depressing – NY Mets Unexpected brush with Donald Trump Jr.

  1. The world is full of wooses.
    “Oh my God, He talked to a Trump family member.”
    If the Left is so disturbed that even being in the same ocean with a Trump causes tremors, they truly are f’ed up in the head.

  2. Well I see the Mets are still the chickenshit team they always have been. Too bad this crap has to drift into Baseball.

  3. They’ll be kneeling during the National Anthem. Not gonna watch.

    I’m stunned players are so stupidly political, thus destroying their own TV ratings, alienating fans.

  4. There is a direct connection between how much money you make and your own opinion of
    self-worth and self-awareness.
    The more you make, one goes up, the other goes down, figure it out.
    Bet you can boys and girls.

  5. Stopped watching when they started importing players from 3rd world shit holes. Last game I watched was The Braves with Steve Avery pitching.

  6. I guess we have celebrities and anti-celebrities.

    Why do people feel that they have to treat people differently because of who they are from a political perspective?

    50 years ago people would have been trilled to just met someone with a widely recognized name and understood that politics was beyond controversy in a personal way.

    The Trumps are not monsters.

  7. Is baseball going the way of the NFL?
    I really don’t care what they’re politics are. They get paid the (too many) big bucks to entertain me, not preach to me. They’re not ministers in church.



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