Calls grow among prominent figures to create a new ‘Church Committee’ to probe FBI abuses – IOTW Report

Calls grow among prominent figures to create a new ‘Church Committee’ to probe FBI abuses


A half century ago, Americans held grave concerns that J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies had abused civil rights, improperly targeted enemies and illegally gathered evidence, so Congress set out on a great cleansing mission. It formed a special committee chaired by Idaho Sen. Frank Church that laid bare the wrongdoing, overhauled the bureau and created new guardrails to protect civil liberties.

A growing number of influential figures in Washington are arguing it’s time for another Church Committee after a tumultuous six years in which the FBI admitted it misled the FISA court while spying on Donald Trump’s campaign, had executives who lied, doctored evidence or usurped prosecutors’ authority, and employed agents who dropped the ball on a sexual abuse scandal involving Olympians and overcollected evidence in a raid of a former president’s home.

The revelation this week that the bureau secretly paid a Russian businessman as a confidential informant against Trump even though he was suspected of lying and having ties to the Kremlin’s intelligence agencies only accelerated support for a sweeping, independent probe of the FBI now under the control of Director Christopher Wray.

“I think, frankly, it would be great for the FBI,” Kevin Brock, the bureau’s first-ever intelligence chief, said of the notion of a new Church Committee. “They find themselves obviously in a very challenging situation, some of which they brought on themselves, others kind of imposed upon them.  MORE

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  1. And this new Church committee will be chaired by reps that the FBI has dirt on. McCarthy and McConnel will make sure of it. The next POTUS will have to get a new director through congress that will just clean house from within. That or Defund/Disband.

  2. Captain Obvious(J Jordan) just penned a really nasty letter so yaknow there’s a CYA groundswell forming in Congress. I hear they’re going to call back Roostertail Gowdy to provide the necessary off camera thunder.

  3. @LuvntheBIGsites: Not just the FBI but most of the Federal Government needs to be eliminated. It has grown into an out of control leviathan answerable to no one.

  4. Frank Church was a lousy liberal US Senator from Idaho who was one of the main Senators along with other democraps who capitulated on Vietnam in 1975 that led to the downfall of S. Vietnam to the N. Vietnamese commies.

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  6. A total waste of taxes and time. Church was UNIPARTY and his “guardrails” were fiction.Bush was able to make FBI anti conservative with ease by appointing Ronny haters who went after Reagan supporters. Naming some “Bush Republicans” GWB promoted to attack conservatives – just the most notable; far from all – Comey, Mueller Wray.

    Church was a UNIPARTY sham; which if you have paid attention the last 20 years is as “plane as the nose on your face”! MSM talk for UNIPARTY liberal is “PROMINENT FIGURES”
    That JTN publishes this liberal propaganda sans disclaimer upsets me and irritates me. JTN is obviously not ”
    conservative”. Not saying its left; but clearly not conservative.


  7. There is no constitutional mandate for the FBI.

    Federal crimes under the constitution are few:
    Sections 1 & 2 punish treason against the United States. Id. at 112. Sections 3 & 7 do not punish the state crimes of murder or manslauther. Rather, it only criminalizes murders committed in “any place *** under the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the United States, ” id. at 113, and Section 5 punishes the theft from the federal government the body of an executed criminal. Id. Section 6 imposes an affirmative duty on a witness to certain listed crimes against the United States to relay his knowledge to the police. Id. Section 7 covers arson, but again, only against a building “under the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the United States.” Id. Section 9-13 define and punish crimes on the high seas and rivers. Id. at 114-115. Section 14 criminalizes counterfeiting. Id. at 115. Section 15 punishes acts affecting an official paper of a federal court. Id. at 115-116. Sections 16 & 17 punish theft-related acts occurring on any place under the “sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the United States.” Id. at 116. Sections 18-20 cover perjury committed in federal court. Id. at 116-117. Section 21 covers bribes against federal officials. Id. at 117. Section 22 criminalizes resisting arrest, where a federal official is the arresting officer. Id. Finally, Section 28 punishes violence against persons under the protection of the United States. Id. at 118.

  8. What’s to investigate?… The lawlessness is right out in the open now. Defund those fascist democrat Stasi fuckers or fuck you GOP.


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