Calm down, think for yourself, and have a good day!

American Thinker-

It is reported that of the 1,133,453 “cases” of COVID-19 worldwide 80.9% are mild and can recover at home.

Thus, 80% of the reported “cases” of COVID-19 aren’t “confirmed cases” at all under the above definitions. They include people who test positive (laboratory-confirmed) or (to use New York’s creativity) people with symptoms that match known cases (clinically comparable). 

What’s news?

When the “news” reports new “cases” of COVID-19,  thinking people should be skeptical about exactly what they are being told.  For example, the now famous headline about the aircraft carrier where the Captain was sacked for raising the alarm about “cases” of COVID-19 on his ship. The truth: 100 crewmen tested positive – with zero “cases” hospitalized — on a ship of 5000.

Or, what about hard-hit Italy much reported in the news?  Leaving aside the high percentage of Italy’s population that is in the “at risk” age range (over 23%), the nation counts all deaths from whatever causes, where there is a positive COVID-19 test.   

Follow the Money

From various federal sources, there is over $50 Billion in aid which states are scrambling to get a piece of. The worse the situation, the more aid states can tap into. It is no coincidence that here in California Governor Newsom’s “Stay at Home Order” was promulgated the very same day he requested $1 billion in federal aid. New York is doing the same thing by cooking the books on the number of “cases” it reports.

In fairness, in times of national crisis, it is the job of a State Leader to tap into available federal funds to help his constituents. But that doesn’t excuse the rhetoric or political grandstanding based on the “let no crisis go to waste” mentality of some politicians.


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  1. We are under house arrest without due process. How do they circumvent the Constitution without a declaration of Martial Law?

  2. I check this CDC page daily, particularly the bottom chart. Note that while the number of cases added each day is fairly steady now at around 20,000 (upper chart) the numbers based upon actual onset date (lower chart) are showing topping and potential decrease. At this point tests should be available to anyone who needs one, so I expect the numbers to start falling very soon – like this weekend.
    Then we need to look at changing policies to allow people to go back to work as quickly as possible.

  3. Here is what I think. I think Bill Gates is proving himself to be the most poorly intentioned, conniving shithead, masquerading as a knowledgeable do-gooder that there is in this mess. George Soros is more evil, but he will tell you what his intentions are, bring down America and Capitalism. Gates on the other hand is a no good SOB trying to convince us we need to take his damn vaccinations.

    One more thing, how corrupt is the UN to put China on the Human Rights Commission? Do they even have an ounce of credibility any more?

  4. 1,133,453 “cases” in a world population of 1.5 BILLION! Every politician who took away your constitutional rights needs to be hanged as a traitor.

  5. I can’t wait until this is over so I don’t have to hear New York Governor Cuomo talk like a stroke victim with a brain injury while harboring a slight touch of the downs and drunk on Night Train with a NyQuil transfusion and he’s fresh off sniffing airplane glue.


  6. I just want to tell all my “Merican” friends that I have been doing my part to support your economy! Specifically Kentucky.

    I just bought 4 bottles of your 46% Woodford Bourbon.

    That should keep the virus a few hundred yard from my mouth!

    Thank you all for some sane perspective in a reasonably sane world with an insane media!

    God Bless, and now, Nap time!

  7. Today’s US active cases right now stand at 278,456.

    Then pop over to and look at the graph for number of “all needed beds” in the graph for the US, it stands at 164,745 for April 4th.

    They’re tryin’ to tell us that 59% of all positive tested cases requires a hospital bed?

    That seems like quite a high percentage, especially when you see lots of goofs that are recovering in their basement. It feels like we’re being lied to or I’m underestimating how serious this chinese flu really is. Then take into account there are 7973 “serious/critical” cases right now, but we need 31,057 ICU beds?? Hmmmmmm..

  8. You know… What would a Dem prez be doing any different right now?
    I’m a Trump fan, but, y’all… I’m at DEFCON running with scissors level right now.
    I think I’m just gonna have to go ahead and get arrested real soon.

  9. @Anonymous April 4, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    > Every politician who took away your constitutional rights needs to be hanged as a traitor.

    Oh, yeah! THAT’S the reason! Get in line. Way back there. And keep 6-feet distant. We’ll get around to THAT. Eventually.

  10. Things are worse than can be imagined from this horrifying disease.

    In my State alone almost 6 out of every 100,000 (yes six out of every hundred thousand) people have been reported as having it.

    Reported, not all actually tested positive since that includes the presumed infected cases that were not actually tested but had similar symptoms and probably some that didn’t.

    And I’m sure it is probably just as band and could even be much worse in other places as well.

    Can the Human race even survive this devastation or will it end up going extinct?

  11. Your FAILURE to cooperate with MEDIA PANDEMONIUM VIRUS has been duly noted. 🤔

    You will be turned over to BIG BRUDDA, for further processing… 😳

  12. ^^^^1,133,453 “cases” in a world population of 1.5 BILLION! Every politician who took away your constitutional rights needs to be hanged as a traitor.
    Thanks for not noticing. I meant 7.5 Billion. Spellcheck. Yea that’s the ticket.

  13. There were 75 ‘cases’ in our county and the count peeked on March 19 then dropped like a rock. We are zero and have been for 2 weeks. 2 mid to late 80’s nursing home residents with multiple health conditions died. 20 people were hospitalized and no word on if they were released.

    Even more stringent measures went into effect last week even though we are at zero. I am 100% fed up with this crap.
    Last week I picked up a carry out order from a favorite deli in a different town. As I danced and crossed my legs in the parking lot I realized there wasn’t a single bleeping place to use a bathroom unless I drove another 2 miles to a gas station or grocery where admission is limited. WTH! I would love to host a pee in public day on the statehouse lawn.

  14. Do lemme axe ya’ al dis:

    Why are we constantly reading, or hearing, of individuals who are reported to be “profiteering” to the tune ofperkaps a couple hundred $K and not reading, or hearing, about State and local governmental elected and appointed officials who are profiteering to the tune of Billion$?

    The Covid Industrial Complex makes those eBay profiteers look like pikers, or even more like connected who grifters are pissed of at some guy in his garage wit a laptop and a $10K investment in inventory cutting in on their action.

    FWIW, I didn’t notice the concern for the consumer when the Obamite policies had people profiteering off rim fire ammo for the better part of a decade.

  15. We’re getting real close to “Sumthin’s gotta give” time here. There is no justification for the increasingly gestapo like tactics that we are embarking on in less dense areas as well as age-related demographics that should determine security levels. People from 16 to 50 should be allow to return to work!
    Now that statistics are accumulating and building a reliable data base, It has become obvious that the democRATz and their Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media are milking this for all itz worth! We all knew that the so-called “impeachment” and all the other shit they were trying to throw up against the wall was all they had to work with… certainly that absolute shit show of Shit-Shows with the Village People running for “President” wuzn’t working at all! Then Cyrus The Virus landed in their lap. A Chicom weaponized virus hatched just in time to creating havoc with the 2020 election.
    (and of course Xi Jinping has no axe to grind with President Trump now does he???) How convenient!
    Just coincidental I’m sure…
    C’mon people, they are ramping up the hysteria for their own fcuking benefit!

  16. IMHO, as the stats stack up and prove that there was never any reason for the amount of strong-handed tactics the american communists will have to have another “something” to preoccupy everybody so that no one will be able to focus on there was never any reason for this pandemonium.
    That “something” will be the release of the flying monkeys {}; aka Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and the Bernie Bros. They’re all part of the same organism.
    The only way they can keep us from seeking a proper rebuke will be to keep us running separately and scared.

  17. So, obviously “Get Trump” is a main contributor to the hype and crisis, but the link above to L.I. says that Nan’s next stimulus will include a “National Vote by Mail” provision!!! If they drag this shutdown out until Nov. there wont be a nation to elect leaders!!!

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