Camel Orthopaedics is a Growing Business


Women are not liking how they are…uhh.. displaying… in yoga pants. So they are increasingly going under the knife.

HT/ Robe E.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and safer to change your pants?

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  1. I’m sorry, but without “before” and “after” photos, how can I judge if the procedures were necessary or not?

  2. First world problems at the finest. Never mind that one “religion” which is actually a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion would applaude this and actively move for further cutting. What is wrong with our society that mental illness is an article to read instead of an illness to treat?

  3. Self mutilation is insanity. They might as well go all the way and have an Add-a-dick-to-me. Just wear a cup maybe? Or exercise in the nude? Don’t go cutting off the good parts.

  4. I’m so old fashioned, I still prefer a “big fur **at” to the barbie-look that the ones with matching barbie’s intellect level are striving for.

  5. O-M-G! As was said above, First World Problems! How did we, as a species, ever survive through the generations and the millenia with women having such LARGE labia!! Oh, the humanity!! (/sarc off)

  6. So….its not Female Genital Mutilation if the victim pays a “surgeon” to do the work…..

    “If a cannibal learns to use knife and fork, is it progress?” — Nelson

  7. Well Tony, here’s your before pic. Doubtful this lady will go for the smooth look. As a woman, I’ve never felt compelled to show off my camel toe. Do any of you recall during the disco days that men stuck penis enhancing products down their pants to thrill the ladies? I recall one of them got pulled over by the cops for speeding and it was the brunt of jokes for a very L O N G time. LOL! Enjoy the camel toe….

  8. I heard about one such woman who made her surgeon promise that nobody was to know about her procedure. She was adamant. Nobody is to know. Period.

    When she woke up after the operation, she saw three flower arrangements in her room. She summoned the surgeon and demanded to know why he had violated her wishes. He explained that one of the arrangements was from him, for being a good patient. The second, he said, was from his nurse because she felt badly that the lady didn’t have anyone to support her in her ordeal. The third, he explained, is from a man in the burn ward thanking her for his new ears.

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