Camille Paglia: Democrats And Media Are Colluding To Create Chaos

American Lookout: Camille Paglia may be a feminist with some progressive views but her analysis of what’s happening in politics right now is spot on. She suggests that the Democrats are colluding with a complicit media to create chaos. The whole point is to prevent Trump from getting things done.


The Washington Examiner reports:

Camille Paglia: Democrats are colluding with the media to create chaos

Camille Paglia is much more worried about the media than about the steady string of Trump-related scandals they claim to be uncovering.

In a Tuesday interview with the Washington Examiner, Paglia excoriated the press for its coverage of Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey and his alleged sharing of classified information with Russian officials.  

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19 Comments on Camille Paglia: Democrats And Media Are Colluding To Create Chaos

  1. Camille has always been considered the voice of reason by liberals. Now the attack dogs, like a child with colic, will start dragging her in the mud.

  2. there is enough chaos in the world we don’t need the media or dems to make it worse. Just leave Trump alone and let him do his job whether you like him or not.

  3. Resist
    assail, assault, beat back, block, check, combat, confront, contradict, counter, counteract, cross, defy, dissent, fight, hinder, impugn, make a stand against, obstruct, offer resistance

    A revolt or an incitement to revolt against established authority, usually in the form of Treason or Defamation against government.

  4. What I dislike about Paglia is small potatoes compared to what I like and admire. She has a way of cutting through bullshit that is unequaled, and she applies her sharp tongue and pen without favoritism.

  5. I use this link to the WH to send notes of encouragement to Trump, whenever the onslaught of Democrat and media criticism goes virulently over the top.
    Just to let him and his staff know that they are on the right track, and to ignore the pack of braying dogs, who want to take down the leader.

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