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Michelle and Barack host fifty Girl Scouts for camp-out on the White House lawn

Michelle Obama hosts Girl Scout campout on White House lawn
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.13.17 PM
Michelle looks like she’s eating a lot of the “unhealthy” smores.

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  1. How many white ones? Maybe they where all Brownies. Sorry, that was way out of line. Hopefully it was funny. One thing for sure, after this camping trip they are all headed for the nearest PIZZA.

  2. That be one ugly creature. 🙄 How much did this cost the American taxpayer? This jackass can’t do enough to desecrate Our House. Fuck him! 😡

  3. Their chance to spur on more racial divide. “See that white yogurt? Oh no child, we all hate white”.

  4. Yes, indeed! Looks like she’s wearing a tent. Maybe to hide that very toned large butt. Or is it toned very large butt?

  5. Actually I would like to see those two losers version of camping. I’ll bet moose is the one to go out and investigate the strange noises at night while the bitch hides his under his pillow. “Please Michelle, make it go away, it smells like white people. Please call Al”

  6. Looks like she tucked white napkins around her Boob Belt. If you look close there are messy hand prints on the under side.

    @MJA I think she’s gained weight too. Wearing a half assed hoop skirt doesn’t help with that.

  7. No matter how much Fatass spends on those costly dresses and outfits, she can’t hide the fact that her appearance is overtly one of a big, bulky, bronze amazon from the wild.

  8. Looks more like squatting in the WH than camping, to me. How many more days ’til they get their eviction notice?

  9. Can’t you just imagine them sitting around the campfire with Barky telling them ghost stories about all the ethical and open people in the White House?

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