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Can a Dying Civilization Defeat ISIS and Radical Islam?

BigGovernment: By any measure, we are losing the war against ISIS and radical Islam. A bigger problem is we do not yet realize we are losing or why. Their legions are growing, their ambitions are apocalyptic, and our resolve is as strong as silly putty.

Without question, our military is superior to any other on earth and we could inflict devastating damage to ISIS if we unleashed our military forces against them. But we are not going to do that—not today, not next month and not after the next atrocity strikes Cleveland, Phoenix or Richmond.

  • We have a President and his designated replacement-in-waiting who think “climate change” is a greater threat than Islamists with nuclear weapons, and that the way to defeat squads of suicide bombers is to welcome their brothers, sisters and cousins as our neighbors and give them the right to vote.
  • But we have a deeper problem than our commander in chief being AWOL. If you ask yourself how he can get away with never uttering the words “radical Islam,” then you might begin uncovering the deeper problem: Obama is not alone in willfully avoiding the truth about an enemy sworn to our destruction. He has many accomplices and coconspirators.

If we are honest we must face a very dark and sobering fact: The outcome of this war is far from certain. We are proud of being a nation of can-do optimists, but we are also a nation in denial about a culture in a tailspin. read more



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  1. We also hammer into the heads of ourselves and our children that only individuals can ever be blamed for anything. All groups and all ideologies are morally equivalent. We’re all in favor of fighting back, but only against the actual persons who caused the particular harm, and only after the fact.

  2. Very much like the Children of Israel, when their people became rich with sin and wicked so did their leaders and so God punished them for it.

    Our leaders are exactly what those that voted for them deserve. Our beloved nation, currently is toast until we repent.

  3. God forbid ISIS strikes on U.S. soil, it will be on college campuses. Their “safe space” will pop like a zit.

  4. “The outcome of this war is far from certain.”

    Ordinarily, if someone is at war with you, and you are unaware of the fact, you lose. Particularly if they are nuclear armed and you are concentrating on trivia.

  5. Glock is right, and how did the Israelites get punished? Why, by being overrun by neighboring nations…and, of course, by the Babyloneans and Assyrians.

  6. One of the best (short) articles I’ve read on the subject.

    “The great Russian novelist Alexandr Solzhenitsyn saw this deepening hollowness in the West as a global development spanning five centuries, with Soviet Communism only a symptom of lost souls. In his Templeton Lecture in 1983, long before the rise of radical Islam, he warned:

    It has become embarrassing to state that evil makes its home in the individual human heart before it enters a political system. Yet it is not considered shameful to make dally concessions to an integral evil. Judging by the continuing landslide of concessions made before the eyes of our very own generation, the West is ineluctably slipping toward the abyss.”

  7. This is why Trump is on top. He is drilling down into the problem, not just putting a bandaid on it. We need him or its war. He knows not only do we need to stop them coming in, we need to round up and ship the ones her back. He gets it.

    Liberals always love to use the term “root cause” in implementing policy and making excuses for scumbags. Well, liberals are the root cause to all of Americas problems. They have created by explicit intentional design the tax code and strangulation of white working families so that here income would be given to human debris to have huge numbers of welfare babies while we shrunk our family size. They also supplement that with an immigration scheme to flood us with filth and stop whites from coming here for decades now. Teddy Kennedy is burning in hell with satan right now im sure.

    So it is radical radical reversal of these schemes or doom. We must destroy the welfare state and change the tax code to encourage middle class whites to have more children. It can be done. Focus on the enemy, focus on the root auses of our problems and hold those responsible to pay for their crimes.

    We must win and get revenge on them. …

  8. Many societies have been moral, to varying degrees, but no civilization ever has been truly godly. Ours is no exception. Israel was godly only in fits and starts throughout her existence; much of the time she went whoring after idols and was chastised, crushed and sent into horrible slavery for it. But since the end of the period covered by the book of Acts, all nations are equally lost before God, just as at the scattering of Babel. All are now set aside by God as equally lost in unbelief. That means no nation today has precedence over others. Nor does any individual. ALL may come to Him, but solely and only through faith in Christ according to the Gospel of the grace of God, without works, as it was the death of the Son on the cross that paid the individual’s sin debt, and His raising from the dead which ensures the individual’s justification before God.

    So to look for any true redemption of Europe or the U.S. — which by and large rejected the Word of God many decades ago — is vain. No society which tolerates such as this…

    or this…

    …can stand in the face of an invader bent on converting, conquering or killing those it knows have grown soft and fat with iniquity. There are saved individuals everywhere, and God knows who are His. But while Islam is of the Devil — on that point there is no argument — so is everything else in this world, most pointedly including the dissipated, useless “Christendom” of Europe and the U.S. that increasingly no longer believes God’s Word and isn’t even convinced He exists:

    “In the last days, perilous times shall come. . .having a form [false outward appearance] of godliness but denying the POWER thereof.”

    “…[Satan’s ministers] transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness.”

    That power of true godliness is the Gospel of the grace of God itself, for it alone is “the power of God unto salvation.” So it wasn’t Islam the apostle Paul was warning about. It was professing but unsaved Christians to whom Christ will say, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.” And if you ask most natives on the streets of Europe and the U.S. if they consider themselves at least nominally Christian, they’ll say “yes,” no matter what else they believe, or do not believe.

    As a society, we’re doomed. But that really isn’t news.

  9. Sex between consenting adults is legal. It is also legal for one person to hire another to perform a service. So, why is it not legal for one consenting adult to hire another consenting adult to perform sexual services?

  10. ISIS and Islam are not the real enemy. They are merely a tool being used against us by the real enemy.

    The real enemy are the subversive traitors in our midst, tirelessly working to destroy us from within: Communists, feminists, pseudo-environmentalists, homosexuals, and the rest of the cultural Marxists.

    These treasonous collaborators must be dealt with before any progress can be made elsewhere.

  11. Pray the evil old twat has a stroke and brain hemmorage while she and huma are sitting in the bath tub. Then, huma drops the hair dryer in the tub and adds some electrocution.

    I do not wish for riches, wealth, hot young chicks, to be famous etc… If i had one wish it would be that violent and painful revenge is inflicted upon Hitlery, bill, huma, odunga, chelsee, reid, biner, mconnell, every single living drug addict kennedy, kerry, daschle, pelosi, schumer, dodd, frank, gore, and just about the demoshit party, inclcuding all of the racist reverand drug dealers, and the hate filled homosexuals.

  12. In our society, they are the faces of the enemy (some of the faces, not all of them) yet they are themselves not THE enemy, for they are only willingly deceived flesh and blood.

    Put it this way. Have you ever wondered how people who aren’t particularly connected to each other can work toward the same goal without realizing it, even across decades and even centuries? There’s only one rational explanation for that: it is the fruit of a spirit that has long been at work among those who suppress the Truth in unrighteousness. The working of that spirit is referred to as the mystery [secret] of iniquity, which was at work 2,000 years ago:

    “Do you not remember that while I was still with you, I was telling you these things? And you know what restrains him [Satan’s man of lawlessness] now, so that in his time he will be revealed [as Antichrist]. **For the mystery [secret] of lawlessness is already at work’** only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way…”

    2 Thessalonians 2

    That “taking out of the way” did not happen by the time Paul died. It has yet to happen. So, though none of them realize it, everyone you named above is working according to the secret of lawlessness, to set the stage for the Man of Lawlessness when his appointed time of revealing comes. We’re watching the overture, as it were, before the curtain rises on the culmination of human history.

    Better be ready!

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