Can California Be Saved, or Is It Too Late?

American Thinker:

Mark Levin appeared at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California on Saturday night.  The event was a celebration of his new, bestselling book,Unfreedom of the Press.  It was a glorious evening.  The auditorium was packed with several thousand fans with an overflow crowd in another room.  Levin delivered not a speech but a conversation.  John Heubusch, the director of the Reagan Library introduced Levin then the two of them sat down.  Heubusch asked  questions and Levin answered in his usual inimitable fashion.  The crowd loved it.  But as we were all sitting in that spectacular library in California, the state of our state was the initial topic of discussion.  How did this state, once the envy of all others, become the pathetic, indebted loser state it is today?  The answer is simple, single-party Democratic rule.  Levin worked for the Reagan Justice Department and, like everyone else in the room, reveres the man.  But the state that Reagan once governed (1967-1975) has become  the prime national example of the abject failure of Democratic policies, all of them. Jerry Brown’s imaginary high-speed rail that was to initially run from Bakersfield to Merced in Central California is a bust.  The cost was projected to be $77b but has forecast to be $98b!  It most likely will never be completed.  Billions have been wasted.

Our state debt is over $1.5t.  We have the highest gasoline prices in the nation.  Oh, and we are a sanctuary state that protects all manner of illegal immigrants, no matter how serious the crimes they’ve committed.  Think Jose Garcia Zanate who killed Kate Steinle. He had been deported seven times but was out and about on the streets of San Francisco with the blessings of SF law enforcement; they aim to protect the criminals at the expense of the law-abiding. ICE is the enemy in sanctuary cities and states, the thugs are victims. read more

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  1. so many earthquakes in Ca that i doubt it will have to worry about paying back any debt

    Its the big one Ethyl…(fred sanford)

  2. The California legislature just voted to not allow hydro power to be a part of the equation for renewable power. The single greatest source of renewable power isn’t good enough for them. They are on a crash course with reality and it will not be pretty in the end.

  3. I’ve worked with Levin. He’s an honest man. California should be bereft of Californians. You took my carburettor, you made me EGR, you made me preheat my O2s, you injected my fuel when it made no sense. You put corn into my petrol. You belong on pikes.

  4. If CA could elect the right people it would be one thing. I don’t think that is possible. After spending my entire life here I don’t know how much longer until the taxes force me out. Most of my family is still here, the ocean is here. I think I will have to find a new home out of state for 200 days out of the year and just visit CA.

  5. Trying to be as eloquent and concise as possible;

    The State of California and those that control it are among the biggest, nastiest pieces of shit in America.

  6. Cut it off! Push it out to sea! Then do the same with Quebec and B.C. in Canada! Flesh eating disease and such.

  7. To get all metaphysical about it: “Apple” — the arrangement of letters? “Apple” — the arrangement of sounds? or “Apple” — the fruit you eat?

    “California” the patch of ground along the Pacific?
    Ain’t goin’ anywhere.

    “California” the society that gave the world…? Well, I know. That’s controversial. But pick your favorites… There must be some?
    It’s already gone.

    “California” the region of The United States?
    It’s too late to ask if it should have been saved.

  8. California (As well as NY and OR) is like that friend who always starts a fight with total strangers over nothing when you’re hanging out together. And somehow, it becomes YOUR fault.

  9. If everyone in California and every other state would get off of their ass and go down to the nearest GOP head quarters (or their person of choice) and spent some time making phone calls we would turn every state red.
    We have a choice to make, get involved or sit on our butts and let the left roll us.
    What a bunch of lazy people we have here. How many made one phone call to help someone you wanted to be in office?
    If you all think you can win an election from your key board you are gravely mistaken.
    People going door to door and making phone calls is what works,we all need to do all we can to help in 2020.
    If you need help getting in touch with your local GOP office or the Trump campaign let me know.
    You can campaign for Trump from home.
    We need everyone to help. Our country and our way of life depends on all us doing all we can.

  10. Left Coast Dan, it’s only 184 days a year to be declared a resident.

    That link is incorrect about the state being $1.5 trillion in debt, that was back in 2017. The Trump tax cuts has increased tax receipts going in to the state’s coffers, which now shows about a $20 billion surplus. Of course that will be spent frivolously, more money for failing education, more money for public services to illegals. A dollar sitting around in the state treasury is a dollar wasted, so says the Democrats.

    To answer your question, yes, it is too late. What was once the most beautiful, most prosperous, most fertile state in the union is now all those things we lament.

    From your link;

    “too many illegals vote thanks to the motor voter bill that was passed to do exactly what it did, let noncitizens vote.”

    The party that promises free stuff to anyone that enters, and then allows them to vote is guaranteed political power. The demise will be gradual, but it is already started.

  11. Calif is circling the drain. Now if EVERY last liberal were rounded up and euthanized there might be a chance, but that’s about all you could do to save it.

  12. LCD I feel your pain, we will be leaving Washington soon I can’t go back to Oregon my home state.
    The west coast of the USA is the most beautiful place in America it has it all.

  13. I’m not leaving the left coast. I’m too hard headed to let these assholes chase me out. They can kiss my homesick ass! Where will anyone of us go that will stay better. These parasites are everywhere, and they have to be defeated! My feeling is we need to save our homes. That’s what I’m going to do.

  14. Too late. If ‘saved’ means not being a complete nightmare, CA will become a third world country at best: there will be rich, upper middle class, and poor.

    The problem is CA’s cancer will spread to the rest of the nation.

  15. Oh c’mon! It’s never too late! If we build a wall around it, it’ll make a wonderful penal colony.

  16. @MJA JUNE 12, 2019 AT 11:36 PM
    “California (As well as NY and OR) is like that friend who always starts a fight with total strangers over nothing when you’re hanging out together. And somehow, it becomes YOUR fault.”

    Mary Jane: You’re in Nevada; and you’re not to far behind, and for the same reason.

  17. The sink hole called California, is almost finished eating itself. All that is left is the ass.
So, be prepared for further evidence of one ass…. trying to stink more than the last.
    Sort of like Waters, Warren, Pelosi, Lewis and the rest of the D.C. cabal.
    H/T Anonymous
    Remember this. I think someone posted it here sometime back.

  18. We’re NOT going to be able to vote our way out of this nationwide mess; it will take a war, and I think at least three major metropolitan areas will be incinerated during the course of the conflict.

    “Take due notice thereof and govern yourselves accordingly.”

  19. In ’89 Bush 1 sent a Commi cuban leftist GOPe assassin out here to politically kill all conservatives in the top 4 (vier, quatro) levels of the GOP. Sunnunu killed ’em all!

    If conservatives were to return the favor the the GOPe cal would be on the right track in ’20.

    but as I’v said before IT WILL BE BLOODY. Rhe far left has run the GOP for decades and are “dug in”!

  20. Seems like CA’sanswer to a (rumored) fund increase is to blow it all on healthcare for illegals instead of fixing all that really is in dire need of fixing.


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