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Can Chris Christie be trusted to appoint federal judges?

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AmericanThinker: Chris Christie ran against liberal activists on the New Jersey Supreme Court when he first campaigned for governor.  He told voters that none of the judges on the court had what he would be looking for in judicial appointees.  “I want someone who will interpret laws and the Constitution, not legislate from the bench,” Christie told voters.  Tough rhetoric.  Jersey tough rhetoric.

But Christie’s six-year record?


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  1. I wouldn’t trust Christie to watch my BLT, certainly not appointing a supreme court judge.

  2. …”Can Chris Christie be trusted….?”


  3. What about those Islamic judges he appointed to inject Sharia into the court system? Wake up, people. Wake the fook up.

  4. Krispie … Trust …


    But that kinda applies across the board … the enticements of corruption are seductive, indeed.

  5. Yes, Sohail Mohammed, nominated by Christie for a seat on the NJ Superior Court of Passaic Cty in 2011, and appointed in spite of conservative protests. Christie argued that Mohammed is an American citizen.

    Note: he didn’t come to US til age 17.

    Isn’t appointment to a state judgeship pathway to the next step…?

    Why isn’t this mentioned in American Thinker??? Why isn’t Christie brought to bear on this at the debates? Granted, he’s never been a contender, but why not expose this gun-grabbing, pro common core, pro climate change bully for what he is. He’s on stage, masquerading as a conservative, along with the majority of the rest.

    After reading this website for months and learning how differently things work beneath the surface, the debates are a waste of time, IMO. The media uses this platform to pick our elected officials.

    I have two liberal friends who aren’t even aware that Hillary should be in prison. It’s the “news” they watch. One is a union worker with no college, the other has a Master’s degree. What they both have in common is that they hate Trump, they watch MSNBC, and they think I’m crazy. They’re oblivious to what’s going on, unaware that this is our last chance.

    Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream…

  6. 100% correct and, like yours truly, 100% fed up with this charade called the 2016 Election.

    C-h-a-r-a-d-e. Watch. 🙁

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