Can someone ask Elizabeth Warren for her take on the college admissions scandal with all those rich whites claiming to be Indians?

American Thinker: As a rich white kid with nothing to brag about academically but lots of money for consultants, want to get into a fancy school? Tell the admissions staff you’re American Indian. Apparently it wasn’t just Sen. Elizabeth Warren who did that, but oodles of rich liberal whites, seeking to elbow out their competition for those coveted slots at Harvard, by claiming affirmative action privileges, according to new revelations from the college admissions scandal.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

On some applications that [indicted admissions consultant] Mr. Singer’s operation handled, applicants may have claimed to be underrepresented minorities based on a tenuous connection, such as a distant relative of Native American ancestry, said one of the people familiar with his business. In one case, the person said, a teenager was presented as Native American when “there was absolutely nothing Native American about this kid.”

Apparently, this is what rich liberal parents pay consultants to tell them, and the racket has been going on a long time. Colleges get their affirmative action numbers up based on these claims, rich liberals get into fancy schools, and only real black, Native American and Hispanic kids get shut out as the slots go to the wealthiest. The white kids, too, actually, since they weren’t as knowingly dishonest as their richer competitors were to know enough to check the boxes to get in.  more here


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  1. I have mentioned this before – David Mamet wrote a script a few years ago titled ‘Aztec Blood’ about a private school kid who qualified in every way except socioeconomic, and clung to the possibility that she had a tiny bit of native ancestry. The canard is mostly a satire on private college prep schools, and was inspired by his experience when a friend asked about getting his kids into the private school David’s kids were attending. The school agreed – if the parent would contribute $1 million for a new library. David pulled his two daughters out and enrolled them in the public school.

  2. It works. My blond haired blue eyed 1/4 Mexican relative got into Stanford claiming Mexican ancestry. Seriously, Mexican isn’t even a race. Most are of Spanish descent and last time I checked, Spain was part of Europe.

  3. Why wouldn’t whites use any means necessary to fight a system that is rigged agains’t them with affirmative action and scholarships just for being a minority? Good for them.


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