Can someone please unravel the logic Psaki just hoisted upon the press corp

No offense to the brilliant woman who satirizes Psaki, but, Psaki just out satiriized herself.

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  1. She’s got a tough job. Justifying the ridiculously unjustifiable. I’m surprised they even bother holding press conferences. Combined with the MSM they make Goebbels look like a rank amateur.

  2. “If they have symptoms, *the intention* is for them to be quarantined.”
    Right. Now do *the reality*.
    “They are not *intending* to stay…”
    Then why the fuck did they come?

  3. Their intentions are to stay here and suck off the taxpayer teats for their entire lives, drop anchor babies and have them do the same with free braces for their teeth, free college, free summer camps, etc. You know, all the things working Americans can barely afford for their own kids.

  4. “They are not *intending* to stay” at the border. They hope to get to a sanctuary city and collect welfare for life.

  5. I sort of understand the “logic” of having a moron explain what idiocy a different moron is undertaking but it just isn’t working.

  6. I’m gonna use that logic on every hotel/motel room I’m supposed to pay for….”No really, I’m not intending to stay”….

  7. She says this on the same day the Feds announce a vaccine and testing requirement for “legal” foreign travellers to the US? I guess she assumes the “legal” travellers plan to overstay their visas.

  8. Gosh. When I enter the workplace, I’m not intending to stay, so how does Dictator Biden get to jab citizens like me?


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