Can the Pro-Abortion Position Survive Artificial Wombs?

American Thinker: A prominent feature of the abortion debate has become the point at which the abortion procedure should be allowed to occur.  The current governor of Virginia apparently is comfortable with some time prior to preschool.  Most engaging in this tug of war generally fight over the first or second trimester, while some contend that the moment of conception initiates a human life and intentional termination is in fact murder.

Many have used the stage at which a baby can survive outside the mother’s womb as a practical dividing line.  However, the advance of medical science has gradually pushed the survival rates for premature births higher and higher.  In addition, abortion proponents argue that mere survival is too crude a metric.  A tragic percentage of premature babies face serious chronic health problems, which will make their lives difficult and possibly short.  These quality of life issues muddy the waters of what is already a painful debate.

Such is the state of the question today, but that will change.  Science marches on.  At some point in the future, perhaps not as far away as we might expect, it will be possible for a fetus to survive outside the mother’s womb and be born as a healthy, normal child, perhaps from the moment of conception.  In short, the topic at hand is an artificial womb.

This sounds like science fiction.  At present, it is.  But space travel, microcomputers, atomic energy, and even airplanes were all science fiction, too, until they weren’t.  Have no doubt that a practical artificial womb is coming, sooner or later.  When this will happen, I can’t say.  Nonetheless, we can ponder the effect it may have before this technology becomes reality. read more

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  1. There is one argument that has not been made — as far as I know — and it is a big one.

    The same people who would try to convince us that anything short of a born baby is merely “a clump of cells.” Those same people look to the possibility, even the probability, of detecting and correcting genetic problems in utero. What is the object of their corrective science? A clump of cells? What would be the purpose of making a clump of cells defect free?

  2. If I plant a tomato seed in the ground: The moment it germinates it is a TOMATO PLANT. There are no leaves, no buds, no tomatoes on it, and yet it is a tomato plant.
    Three times: The first time I felt the child inside me kick, my knees buckled. It was like being touched by God.
    The child is held secure, listening to my heartbeat, feeling my warmth.
    What will a child growing in an artificial womb feel or know?



    It’s the woman’s body, it’s her choice, religious bigots.

  4. Artificial wombs? Let’s destroy marriage and family even more. Let’s produce children without parents. Let’s create psychopaths with whoknowshowmany birth defects. What a hideous and dangerous idea.

  5. Brave New World is coming folks and this is just the beginning of it. Thank God I’ll probably be dead before it’s fully implemented but it will not go well for my 3 children and especially my 4 granddaughters. All I can do is leave them a Godly legacy and pray and hope they can withstand the coming assault on their very freedom of any kind. When I go out I want to be like John the Barbarian or the last of the literate readers and keepers of knowledge like in Fahrenheit 451 or an Irish monk cloistered away from civilization preserving the wisdom and knowledge of the past.

  6. “while some contend that the moment of conception initiates a human life”

    only those steeped in actual factual science..

    the baby murder deniers also believe in man made global warming caused by an insignificant amount of added co2 in the atmosphere which historically has had a much higher amount of co2 and higher temperatures in the past, pre industrial revolution…

  7. Ask any expectant mother who had miscarried, even very early, if that baby was alive. That kind of loss is just as tragic as losing a newborn.


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