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Can We Beat the Jihadists?

Of Course We Can; Their Doctrine Says So.

TerrorTrendsBulletin:  One of the most common remarks we hear is a reflection of pessimism from many Americans who doubt that we can ever defeat an enemy whose doctrine is so deeply rooted in a religion that is followed by 1.6 billion people backed by oil wealth.

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Some say that victory–if it can ever be achieved at all–won’t happen in our lifetimes. Some even say it will take hundreds of years.

But history and Islamic doctrine suggest otherwise.

The fact is, Islamic doctrine hasn’t changed in around 1,400 years. During that time, Islam has been at war with its neighbors almost constantly. ALMOST.

When the Jihadists’ victims have fought back successfully, Islam has sat dormant for long periods of times.  more

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  1. “When we respond with weakness to the Jihadists, we compel them to continue to wage Jihad.”

    I don’t think the EU is aware of that tactic. But then after checking out the production “Brexit, The Movie” available on youtube here . , I’m pretty sure that lack is a feature.

    “When we respond with strength, we have a chance to either defeat them or at least compel them to cease violent Jihad for a period of time.”

    That last really should read ‘cease jihad completely’, yes? Because like small children and delusional adults, as long as you collude with their notion of something being possible, despite all evidence to the contrary, they’ll keep at it. Often with tragic results.

  2. We could kick their collective asses fairly easy compared to the Germans or Japanese. Those enemies had weapon manufacturing capabilities.

    moslim countries have got squat. Even a well armed country like Iraq was steam rolled. It’d be the same deal with Iran or Pakistan even they used their nukes. The retaliation would be horrible.

    What they have that we’re lacking however is the will to defeat our enemy. You can have the most sophisticated weaponry on earth, as we do, yet these mofos can sense weakness(Obama/Jarrett).

    They’ll be testing Trump’s resolve pretty quick-you’ll see. I don’t believe he’s gonna do much bowing.

  3. We could beat them in very little time, with few casualties, if we fought them. But our Rules of Engagement are asinine

    We should use Rule 303 from Breaker Morant.

    “We caught them and we shot them, under Rule three oh three.”

  4. Want to kill perfidious brush? Neutralize the root.

    Mecca, Medina, Dome of the Rock. Islam as we know it dies within a year as most Muslims are ice water shocked into realizing Allah does not exist and Mohammed was no prophet. The few remaining hardliners – the equivalent to the Jap upper echelon that would have launched a coup against the Emperor – will be quickly turned over by those who now conceal and fear them.

    As Harry Secombe sang, “If I ruled the world…”

  5. We can’t beat them until we stop making excuses for them. Not just our pResident, but the idiots who have such self-hate.

  6. It always boils down to the question of will. Of course, as Germany learned, will must be supported by industry and manpower – but without will, all the industry and manpower on Earth means nothing.
    Witness: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan (Soviet and American), yada, yada, yada …

    We must purge the pusillanimous pukes from gov’t, academia, and the media if we want our country back.
    And we best not be slack about it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. This all goes back to the beginning when Ishmael and his mother Hagar were forced to leave because Sarai was jealous of her for giving birth to Ismael after Abram went against the word of GOD that his SEED would bless the earth. It has been brother against brother ever since. Ismael and his mother went back to her birth land of Egypt after they were forced out. It has been the Hebrews against the Egyptians ever since. It is about who the promise was given to and the Arabs/Egyptians/Persians all claim the promise of the land and blessings. But the promise was given to Abram and his seed and that seed was later to become Jesus that would bless all nations with understanding of GOD’s plan of salvation. It is not about the land in Israel or Palestine or Gaza on earth but about a heavenly land or kingdom of heaven that Abram saw far away. So the muslims in the middle east can kill each other or kill us and claim to be doing it in the name of a moon god. But they have no idea or understanding of what they are fighting for. It seems nobody knows history or the past but all seem to have an opinion. The thoughts and opinions of man mean nothing. We are all here for a breath of time and our thoughts are vain.
    Since the day of Able and Cain all peoples have fought to be right in their own eyes, but GOD says=thou shall not….You are free to believe what you want but he says your heart is deceitful and wicked.
    I will stand and believe that GOD is true and not some moon god that has no name but deceiver . have a nice day. 🙂

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