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Can We See Malia’s SATs?

Her father’s records were sealed. Are Malia’s?

Is she qualified to go to Harvard? Or is this just affirmative action?


I read some of her mother’s thesis. She sounded like an idiot, capitalizing “black,” and other spelling errors.b44558120ebedbc54c53c478c8ba3bbe Let’s see some of Malia’s excellence.


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  1. Ted Kennedy got in … why not Malicious?

    Harvard’s a cesspool of socialist shit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Being Obama qualifies for anything. It’s like the largest participation trophy in the world.

  3. It may also just be a case of Harvard saying, “can you imagine the grief we’ll be put through if we DON’T accept her?”

    Check your privilege indeed.

  4. NotAlSharpton would tell us : Dere idn’t no ways any ub us reglar fokes be seein’ da re-salts ub her Skoolastic Apptitoodinal Testificashuns. Speshly ifn’ use whitey.

    Don’t these stinkin’ Brats make a video as part of their application? That’s what I wanna see.

  5. She don’t need no stinkin’ SATS. She’s a privileged Octoroon, like her step daddy. An when she graduate she be hired at MSNBC at six figures, ahead of all the assholes working there now. So it is written

  6. On CBS Radio 880 today the news reader reminded us that Milia’s Mom and Pop both graduated Harvard Law School.
    Correct me if I”m wrong, but weren’t they both disbarred, or lost their licenses to practice law?

  7. Since Sashay and Malaria are not genetically related to those two grifters, it’s possible the girls could have some smarts. The Harvard staff is smart enough to give them straight A’s, even if they rarely attend class.

  8. The child does look bitter. Unfortunate photo.

    Meaning of the name Malia
    Hebrew & Hawaiian Meaning: Bitter sea
    Swahili Meaning: Queen

    Did you know he sister Shasa’s real first name is Natasha. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  9. Zonga, “Sasha’s real first name is Natasha” brings back a memory… Borisssss my name is Nataaaasha! They likely named her in a fit of nostalgia for the defunct Soviet Union.

  10. what….you expect her to QUALIFY for ANYTHING for the REST OF HER LIFE?

    what a bunch of a-holes you must be……she comes with a preborn qualification for ANYTHING SHE WANTS….

    when are you plebes going to learn YOUR PLACE????

    if she wants to be declared QUEEN, you will place your forehead on the ground and swear allegiance…..

    or not…..i’m not saying what “or not” entails….i’m not trying to facilitate “or not” behavior……i’m not encouraging any kind of “or not” activism….i’m not saying i’m in favor of, or against, “or not” behavior….

    i’m just kinda letting you know you have options…..

    or not……

    ………. 🙂

  11. but of course, being a conservative, i am necessarily a racist, so i believe chelsea is way OVERQUALIFIED for anything she might want to do……..

    hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah….oh, is this annoying?….sorry…….

  12. I’m inclined to cut the kids a break on this one. Plenty of kids at Harvard, Yale and the other high priced name schools have kids that are only there because Daddy or Mommy (or granddad I guess) was a high placed official and school legacy or had a big check book made specifically for big endowments. With luck maybe both the kids or even one will grow up the total opposite of their entitled, grifting parents. I think the fact that Obama’s records have been sealed and over a million bucks has been spent to keep them that way probably goes a long way to saying that Harvard and Princeton aren’t that insistent on high academic achievement at least for some of their students.

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