Can You Solve The Riddle?

Can you solve this riddle?
A man walks into a store and steals a $100 bill from the register…

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  1. After taking a “bad debt” write-off for pilferage and shoplifting, jacking up prices on all his goods after his insurance goes up, I’d say he’ll be slightly ahead.

    But Uncle Al is 100% correct.

  2. General Malaise,

    Yep, I agree as well, Uncle Al is correct, I believe.

    That’s a good one and makes you think it’s easy at first by trying to calculate the grocer’s loss. However, if the thief finally walks away out the front door, he walked out with exactly $30 cash and a piece of merchandise worth $70. So, altogether the grocer lost $100.

  3. He’s out the $30 in change, plus his cost of the merchandise. If he has a 20% markup, his cost was $58.33. So he lost $88.33, plus his unrealized profit.

  4. Since this San Franshitco we are talking about the store still owes owes the thief $850.00.

    In addition if the thief is black he is owed free goods for life in reparations

    Not to mention the Pedo wants to raise the stores taxes by a minimum of 30%.

    So the answer is everything the store owns and everything the store is worth because the Demonrat party will not stop until every store and person in the country is 100% dependent on government to exist.

    That’s what commies do…

  5. I get a loss of $140.
    The stolen $100, and the $40 the dumb ass owner lost by giving him $70 in change instead of $30.

  6. He benefited $170.00 by my count.

    The $70 in goods is also ill gotten gains.

    $100 in cash is still in hand – add that he walks out with $70 in goods = $170.00

    The owner is out $170.00 – $70.00 is in lost revenue from the goods.

    I’d also argue the owner lost his marbles. I can’t calculate the value of that. He’ll be out of business soon with those counting skills and lax security around the register.

  7. Oops. Make that $140.00 value. My mistake was not considering the whole $100 was given in payment.

    $70 cash back plus $70.00 in goods.

  8. Why did the “AOC” have a normal person’s voice? That’s the riddle. Have you heard her actually speak?

    Or maybe that was part of the joke: giving AOC a normal voice. If so, very clever.

  9. $3.7 trillion
    Dem budget for welfare, medicare, medicaid, congressional, senate, blue state, BLM, planned parenthood, teacher union, biden, sanctuary city, cashless bail, chicago, nyc, san francisco, fraud.

  10. I got into an argument about this on the way to breakfast. $100 loss is correct using the text under the vid at youtube site, says owner gave $30 in change. $140 is correct answer if you listen to Pelosi say owner gave $70 in change(at 2:20 and 2:50 in clip)

  11. So, depending on what you think you heard ($30 or $70 for ‘change’), the answer is either $100 or $140?

    However, technically, both are incorrect. He’s out either $30 or $70 for the change he gave plus the wholesale COST of the item plus the per item overhead of purchasing and stocking the original item. You could argue that he’s also “out” the potential profit from the item, but that would depend on whether he’s on a “cash” or “accrual basis” accounting system and whether he uses an actual, trained “accountant” for double-entry bookkeeping, or a “CPA” who fakes everything and forgot their “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles” years ago.

    Actually, I like Zonga’s 3.7 Trillion.

  12. Was the thief also trying to pass a fake twenty, then shove 13 times the fatal amount of fentenal up his own rectum when arrested?

    If so we have another Saint of Perpetual Poverty…


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