Canada: 39 Sudbury miners trapped underground at Ontario mine

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The rescue of 39 Sudbury miners trapped underground at a northern Ontario mine is underway. Their employer, Vale, said nobody was injured.

The mining company said a rescue team reached the workers at Totten Mine, who were approximately 900 to 1,200 metres underground, reported CP24.

“We expect everyone to reach the surface by tonight,” reads a statement by Vale, adding that the trapped miners have access to food, water, and medicine.

Vale said a detached scoop bucket blocked the mine shaft Sunday afternoon, rendering the conveyance system unavailable.

“The employees will exit via a secondary egress ladder system with the support of Vale’s mine rescue team,” said the company. read more

10 Comments on Canada: 39 Sudbury miners trapped underground at Ontario mine

  1. I remember the Chilean miners from years back.
    A dude dressed as one in a rescue cylinder at a Halloween party that year and won the grand prize.
    He deserved it!

    I also remember one miner had his wife & girlfriend waiting for him to come out…

  2. The Biden administration has already killed more than 39 with a whole bunch more zeros behind it. No end in sight for devils on the loose in Washington.

  3. So far some men have come out and more are on the way as of 6:am.

    Good news for them and I’m happy for all involved.

    Very lucky they did not have to spend weeks down there.

  4. My grandfather was a hard rock miner in the silver mines of N. Idaho and copper mines thru out the American West back in the 1930’s. That is a job I never would want to do. It was hard work and he made a good wage to support his family, he also had a small farm which he managed on weekends with my grandmother taking care of 5 children and running the farm while he was up in the mines. Going thru all my dads papers and photos etc. after he died we found quite a few pay stubs for my grandfather when he worked for Hecla Mines in N. Idaho back in the 30’s.


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