Canada: Boy With A GoPro Camera Helps Solve A 27-Year-Old Cold Case


A 13-year-old boy from Canada is being credited with cracking a missing person case from 1992Max Werenka was out on Griffin Lake in British Columbia with his family when he noticed what he thought was a car sitting at the bottom of the lake about ten feet from a nearby roadway. His family figured the car was from an accident in 2009 when a vehicle crashed into the lake and told a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) about their find.

They learned that the car from the 2009 accident had previously been removed from the water so they took the Mounties to the location where they found the submerged car. Max grabbed his GoPro and dove into the water, recording video and taking a few photos of the muck-covered vehicle. A few days later, a dive team went to investigate the car and found a body in it. more

8 Comments on Canada: Boy With A GoPro Camera Helps Solve A 27-Year-Old Cold Case

  1. SOMEBODY get hold of that boy and tell him he wants NO PART of the State-run police mafia in the Great White North as long as their bosses are put in place by people (not men) like Justine Trudeau! His skills would be more beneficial to mankind if utilized by people like Laura Loomer & Michelle Malkin.

  2. My area had a similar event some years ago. During a particularly long dry spell, water levels in local lakes dropped to a point that a fisherman thought he saw a car, Sheriff sent the dive team and recovered a couple who had been missing for a few years. Makes me wonder how often that happens and how many haven’t been found yet.

  3. Can he help Barr get evidence against the Swamp creatures of DC, the traitors?

    Maybe he can help congress find its balls or ethics.

    Or maybe he can help the endless parodies of investigations against the coup against President Trump.


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