Canada cheers the truckers

Robby Starbuck@robbystarbuck
What’s happening in Canada is amazing.

Truckers are driving across the country in a massive caravan and freedom loving people are meeting them along the way to cheer them on. This is the type of protest that can be VERY effective. watch

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  1. @Deplorable Second Class January 26, 2022 at 11:05 am

    > Inspirational, we could use the same here.

    You really should write Spanish, when you’re commenting on Mexico, in Mexico.

    Oh. Oh? You mean a convoy of Mexicans in trucks, being cheered by Mexicans in The United States, would be “inspirational” in The United States? ¿Por qué?

  2. But according to a Tweet by a Canadian “news” person, this is a front for insurrectionists.

    Isn’t it cute when people learn a new word and use it at every chance they can?

  3. There’s life in the old carcass yet.

    They gotta get rid of PM Turdball. Just like we have to get rid of Bidet. Notice how unpopular leaders get associated with excrement? Fascinating!

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