Canada: Convicted Murderer Wins Court Case To Be Transferred To Women’s Prison Now That He Self-Identifies As A Woman

100%FedUp: Boys who claim to be girls are dominating girl’s sports, they’re using girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms and now, a convicted murderer and male prisoner with a history of attempted escapes is self-identifying as a female, and demanding that he be transferred to a women’s prison.

Montreal, CA – A vicious car thief and prolific jail escapee who cold-bloodedly slaughtered an accomplice, and successfully sued law enforcement for damage to his clothes and loss of porn mags resulting from his capture, has seen a new stroke of luck after his latest lawsuit won him a spot in a women’s prison. In 1997, John Boulachanis and two fellow car thieves murdered a fourth accomplice, 32-year-old Robert Tanguay, and buried his body in a sandpit.

While his two co-conspirators stood trial and were found guilty, Mr. Boulachanis fled Canada as a fugitive from justice and was arrested 13 years later in Florida, where he had built a new life as a pilot of small airplanes with the aide of a string of false identities and a new girlfriend, Amanda Jones. His first attempted escape came in November 2013. more here

11 Comments on Canada: Convicted Murderer Wins Court Case To Be Transferred To Women’s Prison Now That He Self-Identifies As A Woman

  1. That’s ok. Put him in solitary confinement. Then it won’t matter which prison he’s in.

  2. Don’t forget boys and girls, we are no allowed to defend ourselves in any meaningful way either up here.

  3. …I guess all those U.S. draft dodgers that invaded your country during Vietnam are really paying off for you niw, huh, Kcir?

    …not sure how many stayed, but if Clinton is any indication of what kind of cowardly folks they were, it WOULD explain a great DEAL about your politics NOW if they DID…

  4. The Judge in this case is from Quebec, is a leftist and is a champion for every native group and inmate regardless of how invalid their causes may be. He was appointed by the Trudeau government Solicitor General based on a 2016 change in the Judicial Application Process for appointing Federal Judges which now emphasises “diversity” in appointments. Damn Liberal government and damn the Conservatives for blowing what should have been an easy election by running with a leader who generated no interest and a campaign that failed to truly attack the Liberals and Trudeau.


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