Canada Drops Vaccine Requirement for Their Drivers, But Not Americans


Apparently fearing the economic consequences, the Canadian government has dropped the vaccination requirement for Canadian truck drivers, and instructed border officials to permit unvaccinated Canadian truckers to cross the border.

The vaccine mandate for cross border truckers was scheduled to begin in a few days, January 15th.  However, the Canadian vaccination rule for U.S. truckers will remain in place. More

11 Comments on Canada Drops Vaccine Requirement for Their Drivers, But Not Americans

  1. There was a lot of confusion in the Canadian media Today.
    Initially they thought the requirement was not to be dropped. Last night the media thought it was dropped altogether. Currently it is what the above article states.

    The Turds are posturing.

    They know that there is an impending disaster with supply chains, But they are trying to not admit they fucked up/are stupid.

    They do not realize it WILL lead to a type of Transportation & Trucking war. Turdeau still has not figured out that fresh produce does not grow in the FUCKING Snow in Canada.

    Turdeau the 2nd stupidest national leader. He was the number 1 idiot until about 1 year ago. πŸ˜‰

    Sorry for the stoooopid friends, It is contagious like Coof.

  2. I live beside the Blue Water bridges on the St Clair river (Canadian side) and I hear the jake brakes all day and night seems like business as usual here,so far.

  3. Well, here come empty shelves at TRADER JOE’S. Canada is their major products supplier.

    Did you know Canola Oil is made from livestock grain?

    Just sayin’

  4. Wait a minute…..uh…..buddy. If American trucks can’t get to Canada, fwiend, then the ONLY plant that makes Kraft Dinner in Canada will have to shut down, guy.

    That’s right fwiend, the one food staple that makes up 90% of the Canadian diet, buddy. We’re talking mass starvation, guy.

    No Kwahft Dinner means no Canada, buddy.

    It’s a dark day for Canada….and therefore the world.


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