Canada is becoming a dictatorship


Last week, Bill C-10 was passed, which allowed and called for social media censorship fo speech that was not “mainstream” in other word, leftist and woke.

This week, the government has proposed Bill C-36, which allows people to anonymously claim that you have made them “feel” unsafe, scared, attacked, and you have no due process to face your accuser. You will be forced to pay your secret accuser up to $20,000, and then be fined by the government up to $50,000. And then you could spend up to a year in jail.

Free men and women must stand up against this wokist crap.

Otherwise, Canada will soon leave the ranks of free nations and join the ranks of the dictatorships.


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  1. Good, now they can go after Steven Crowder and that guy who belongs to proud boys, which is the KKK by another name.

  2. Everyone should just start accusing government officials of making them feel unsafe and then sue their stupid asses off.

  3. OldCoot
    JUNE 26, 2021 AT 10:04 PM
    “Everyone should just start accusing government officials of making them feel unsafe and then sue their stupid asses off.”

    But since the Government decides what is and isn’t threatening, I’m pretty sure the only person they’d convict is you for daring to complain.

    Don’t get smug, Americans. The “January 6th” committee will likely have MANY similar suggestions, all of which will be immediately EO’d by The Pedophile or The Prostitute if they can’t hold The Pedophile together long enough…

  4. I don’t know anything about all that political stuff as I just sit in the Gay-roge on my Chesterfield, drinking Molson beer and counting my loonies, EH!

  5. “Canada is becoming a dictatorship”

    Well then that pussy racist canuck Trudeau will be a piece of cake to overthrow.

  6. One of our Conservative Girls Opposition Cabinet member)(Michelle Remple) just apologized for her white priv. and then went on to state that she too was part of a minority being a female in politics.

    Watch America, It WILL happen down there.

    At this point there is no point in voting any more up here. Remple drank the Cool Aide too. And, She was one of Turdeau’s Most aggressive critics.

    Invade! Drinks are at my house. Its the one with the Betsy Ross Flag out front.

  7. “All right. They’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us … They can’t get away this time.”

    Some General Somewhere

  8. While they’re all asleep, and that worm Trudeau gets handled like a puppet by the likes of Soros…

    WTF, Canada??

  9. Kudos to Canuckistan, to our north, for showing us exactly what will happen if we give up our guns.


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