Canada: ‘It was all set up ahead of time’: COVID-positive nursing home residents were given deadly euthanasia cocktails

The Right Edition:
by Celeste McGovern

How much of the deadly ‘first wave’ of the pandemic were elderly who died abandoned by the droves, from malnutrition, dehydration, and by lethal ‘protocols’? There is much to investigate in the ‘first wave’ of deaths that politicians and health officials wielded like a club to terrify citizens into conforming to lockdown and other government COVID measures

(LifeSiteNews) – A shocking number of elderly citizens died in the first wave of COVID, and not always from the virus but from severe malnutrition and dehydration, and by protocols that used euthanasia drugs and “end-of -life pathways” as a first-line of treatment for any symptoms, according to a recent analysis published in the C2C Journal. Of all countries in the west, Canada was the deadliest place to be an at-risk long-term care home resident.

“At the end of May 2020, Canada was reporting that 81 percent of the country’s Covid-19 deaths took place in LTCFs [long-term care facilities],” writes Anna Farrow, executive director of the English-Speaking Catholic Council in the province of Quebec. “This compared to an average of 38 percent in the other 37 OECD countries. That proportion has fallen, but a December 2021 report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information noted that LTCFs still accounted for 43 percent of Covid-19 deaths.”

That’s remarkably high considering that governments enforced stringent pandemic lockdown strategies and other COVID measures to protect the elderly and vulnerable. Why did they fail? more here

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  1. Hey!
    Its all Free.

    They charge an average family of Four around $13,000.00 in Pre-Tax Dollars to leave you out in the Hospital Hallways BEFORE COOF & Hyper Inflation.

  2. I am a Canadian Deplorable and I am 70 years old. I have always said that all western governments want old people (AKA “Useless EAters”) dead because all of the government pension schemes are hopelessly underfunded. So if you die, then they don’t have to pay you other than the final payment of $ 2,500 to cover the cost of your funeral.

  3. It looks like they started out by killing off old people in the name of Covid, then moved down to the middle-ged with Comorbs. When they got the jab they first started destroying young, healthy adults, then moved the jab on down to teens and pre-teens. Now, they’re going after toddlers and babies. And during the whole cull, they’ve been causing death and mayhem across the whole spectrum. Have I got that about right?

  4. @Big Momma- “payment of $ 2,500 to cover the cost of your funeral”

    I don’t know today’s conversion factor, but in the US, the current ‘death benefit'(?) is $255.00

  5. Intentionally establishing a plan to kill innocent people and then implementing that plan and actually doing the killing is first degree murder. Everybody involved, from the top down, is guilty of a capital crime, or abetting capital crime at the least. All involved deserve life imprisonment or execution.

  6. Plus the 84% they killed with respirators.
    How many killed with remdesivir or have permanent illnesses from it.

  7. The America hating left has always postulated that they can’t kill off the constitution until all the old patriotic Americans die off! They are just implementing their ‘FINAL SOLUTION”!

  8. Big Momma,

    Don’t forget the estate taxes at death.
    Land transfer taxes if you pass a home on.
    The real time Tax assessment of your RRSP if you are the last survivor. (30%)

    Its a nice lump sum that the Government gets within the year. Plus the money they saved putting the hose in your mouth e few years early.

  9. I have absolutely no problem with anyone whose relative was affected by this taking matters into their own hands and dealing with everyone involved in any way they see fit.

  10. I wonder how many of their own elderly aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers they did in? Cuomo did the same thing and I hear crickets.

  11. Sarah was right; Bush was wrong! RomneyCare Csnada is rationing; as is true today for RomneyCare America!

    Bush ?Republicans???!@?# moved to have vote by mail in her state. Can you guess why Bush would have his folk do that!
    Rhetorical statement; NOT A QUESTION!

  12. Big Bro Fredo Andrew Cuomo, The Grinning Gummmy Skull & Accidental Governor Hochul woman, & Complusive Thief & Liar Bill DumbBlasio colluded to kill off nursing home elderlies, including those as in-patient hospitalized. Later, the three lowlifes had dead bodies lined up in black garbage bags along the Brooklyn waterfront as intimidation against the citizenry. Except for a short article at the time this was hidden by media though many photos and video were taken by Red Hook residents.

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