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Canada: Making Ontario Sane Again

CFP: Yo, President Donald Trump and team, notice the similarities between what happened in the Province of Ontario last night and what happened to you on November 8,  2016?

Against incredible odds studiously stacked against him, populist Doug Ford became the new leader of the newly resurrected Ontario Progressive Conservative Party on March 11,  2018.

In a final vote count—known by 3 p.m. yesterday—but kept under wraps until late into evening hours—Ford was finally declared the winner.

“Following a long, drawn out process to count then review the more than 64,000 electronic ballots cast by party members, Ford narrowly edged out former MPP Christine Elliott, party officials said.” (Toronto Sun)

Even as the rousing cheers were being sent up, Ford was already being described by the left-leaning Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper as a former Toronto city councillor and brother of late mayor Rob Ford, whose career was derailed by a crack-smoking scandal.

(The Star edited out the “crack-smoking” bit in today’s story, but CFP found the screen shot:)  MORE HERE

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  1. He will have as much work, trouble and turmoil making Ontario sane again as The Donald is having to “Make America Great Again”!

  2. Progressive Conservative…a contradiction in statement. There are NO true conservative leaders in Canada. Even former PM Stephen Harper, the best we had, had to abide by the government structure of Canada…which is socialist at its core.

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