Canada: Pastor forced by government to repeat ‘medical experts’ from the pulpit

WND: Pastor Artur Pawlowski attracted international attention earlier this year when he was arrested for hosting an “illegal” church service in Calgary, Canada. Now, the government is forcing him to echo the official government line on COVID-19 during his services as part of his probation.

According to Fox News, the pastor — who was given 18 months probation and told to pay tens of thousands in penalties as part of the ruling handed down on civil contempt charges Friday — must speak exactly what “the majority of medical experts in Alberta” have to say about COVID protocol as part of his probation.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Adam Germain said in the written ruling that Pawlowski — who was jailed for holding church services — was “oozing hubris” and accused him and his brother of wanting to be “martyrs” by garnering additional jail time.

“On balance, I suspect that many reasonable individuals will view the sanctions that I impose to be more beneficial in repairing the harm Pastor Pawlowski and his brother did to society than a short period of jail that will perhaps martyr them in the eyes of their followers,” Germain wrote in his decision.

“I therefore intend to handle this without additional jail time, but instead impose a very large fine, community service work, plus a requirement that whenever they are opposing the [Alberta Health Services] Health Orders in any public forum, (including social media forums), they must also place the other side of the argument on the record.” more here

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15 Comments on Canada: Pastor forced by government to repeat ‘medical experts’ from the pulpit

  1. “the majority of medical experts in Alberta”… of the group that we allow to have an opinion. We have decided the other medical experts are wrong, so they don’t count.

  2. Read your opinion from the pulpit. Reads the governments words sitting fully clothed on a toilet on stage. When done, lift seat and dump. I will know exactly what it means and most I believe will.

  3. When I began making my post nobody commented yet. I am slow typing yet when I hit POST COMMENT it says commenting to fast? Happens to often and makes me ignore site for awhile as I don’t like stupid stuff. So I guess I’ve been passed since minimum late january.

  4. And another between auto correct and no edit is irritating too! Was supposed to say “pissed”. Sure was nice when you were able to edit an error and let some think that you’re smart.

  5. I am just saying I’d take the jail time and start a prison missionary ministry.

    Does anybody here think Jesus wouldn’t come to jail with me?

    Nothing like contempt of this judge and his Lucifarian court.

  6. Guess he’s not willing to be martyred for his dedication to truth.
    (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

    “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”
    (John, 14:6)

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Next up, Christian preachers will have to include opposing verses from the Quran in their sermons in order to hold worship services! Your government at work!

  8. National Ingester!, I think you may be wrong. Too many preachers let them (Imans) in with invitation to read themselves that way the church they read is now Muslim because that’s the way it works in their made up religion.

  9. Sending them to Jail Costs the Taxpayers & the government money.
    These men are not afraid to go to jail. Heck, It is reasonably cheap to plead guilty.
    The Government CLEARLY KNOWS that the Fines & Monetary penalties will effect these men MORE.
    Thus the punishment.
    As well, in rural areas, they will clearly be seen as saints for trying to provide prayer.

    The Government literally WANTS to Convert his flock & make HIM do it.

    Knowing this guy, I doubt it will go the way the Government expects it.

    I wish the best for him.

  10. All he needs is to say the right words. Sarcasm often uses the “right” words, but the congregation get the point.


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