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Canada Plans to Increase Immigration to Alarming Levels

BLP: Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister of Canada, recently put forward an ambitious immigration plan that could fundamentally transform Canada’s population demographics.

By 2025, Fraser has stated that the Canadian regime plans on adding 1.45 million permanent resident migrants for the ostensive purpose of addressing a significant labor shortage. According to Joe Guzzardi of Progressives for Immigration Reform, there are allegedly 1 million vacant Canadian jobs.

Fraser declared, “Make no mistake. This is a massive increase in economic migration to Canada.” Fraser’s new plan projects that 465,000 foreign nationals will arrive in 2023. These numbers are expected to climb upwards to 500,000 in 2025. For perspective, 405,000 permanent residents were admitted into Canada.

Fraser alluded to an aging Canadian population and a low birth rate as to why Canada must increase its migration rate. The Canadian Immigration Minister believes that without immigration, Canada would have insufficient resources to fund schools, hospitals, and other crucial services. more

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  1. Are the incoming immigrants educated and with job skills, and ready, willing, and able to work? Do they speak English or French?

  2. There’s a lot of European Elites that are big on eliminating the white race. Particularly in jolly old England. This is a continuation of that. Apparently we have our fair share of American elites that follow that same belief.

  3. I’m so Fuckin Happy I could shit!

    So we are going to solve a housing crisis by bringing in more people who need houses.

    Also true of the Medical system etc.


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