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Canada: Pretty Prime Minister Threatens To Quit NAFTA

Conservative Treehouse: Oh dear, Prime Minister Rainbow Sparkle-Socks is issuing threats now.

“We aren’t going to take any old deal,” Trudeau said Friday at a town hall in Nanaimo, British Columbia. “Canada is willing to walk away from Nafta if the United States proposes a bad deal.

We won’t be pushed around.” (link)

The backdrop is important context here.  Prime Minister Twinkles has been watching Trump, Ross, Mnuchin and Lighthizer closely.  Two months ago Twinkles attempted to launch economic leverage by entering direct trade discussions with China; but there’s a problem – Twinkles actually believes Beijing is ‘playful panda’.  PM Rainbow-brite doesn’t grasp that Playful Panda is a mask.  [Wrong place for leverage.]

Trudeau is willing to open his door to Chairman Xi without realizing once inside Beijing will hold open the door for arriving goods, and shuttle out the Canadian manufacturers.  read more


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  1. Oh please spare us you little fairy. If you’d like to get serious about a trade deal the first thing you need to do is get rid of that imbecile you have in charge of the talks.

  2. @Dan, yep, we all puckered our assholes and put up with 8 years of O’Baja.
    Man up Canada, pay the gay guy playing the Eskimo nose flute, or Trump him, your choice.

  3. I guess looking out for Canada’s best interests is fair and right to liberals on both sides of the border. But heaven forbid an American president look after the interests of the US

  4. Is there still a market for mud and rocks? Because if Rainbow Sparkle-Socks gets his way, that’s all Canada will have left to export.

  5. He’s actually quite right. If it’s a one-sided bad deal for Canada then you thank all the participants and walk away from it. Trump would do the same thing. As for China, they are a developing market, a developing market full of crooks, grafters and government sanctioned hackers to be sure and I suspect even an intellectually limited Trudeau would know that (or at least be told that by his puppeteers) so if you want to dance with them it’s one hand on your wallet. Besides I think this was just Trudeau was just trying to play “hard ball”. In any event, it’s just a year and a half before we go to the polls and if the national Conservative Party decides not to play with hand grenades like the provincial party did then Canada will have a new Prime Minister more in the mold of Stephen Harper and better able to negotiate and Canada-US Free Trade Agreement, you remember, the one the mostly worked and created jobs both sides of the border.

  6. Chinese officials are all saying, “Ohhh GOODY! He IS as dumb as he looks!” 😆

    Sparkletwinky can serenade Chairman Mao at a state dinner, with the new – gender-neutral version – of, “Blame Canada!” 😆

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