Canada Promises Termination if You Use the Phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” in Any Government Correspondence

-The left-wing media covers up the anger caused by their incompetent president.

-The coverup is mocked.

-Left-wingers threaten the mockers.

How is this any different from the horrors we heard about behind the iron curtain?

27 Comments on Canada Promises Termination if You Use the Phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” in Any Government Correspondence

  1. Welcome to the New Communism of the 21st Century!
    Just as evil and just as destructive as the old one. When the Gaslighting stops working the Iron Fisting starts!

  2. So F u c k J o e B i d e n is okay to include in correspondence?

    WHy all the redacting? i understand the person coming forward removing THEIR name/address. i want to know who sent it. Why is THAT information blacked out?

    No recourse or labour union representation? Who made THAT decree?

    What if you are writing a note to a colleague named Brandon and you were asking him to go to lunch?

    So many questions…..

  3. Jethro
    OCTOBER 18, 2021 AT 8:10 AM
    “I sent a message to Turdeau’s PM webpage:”

    Sent him one. “Let’s Go Brandon! Fellow travellers, eh, Turdy?”

    From Pedo Joe, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. had to research CA postal codes but came up with one that satisfied…

  4. There’s a fairly well known scene from “The Newsroom” with Jeff Daniels where he talks about why America isn’t great any more. In it, he claims that hundreds of countries around the world have freedom, so that no longer makes America unique. As we’ve seen this year, Australia isn’t free. The U.K. isn’t free. Now Canada isn’t free.

    Hang in there, America. You are still the world’s last best hope.

  5. One thing the Communists never learned is that when you try to push a comment or idea back down, it invariably pops out somewhere else and bites you in the ass!

  6. Why would they care? Were they asked by the Biden admin to do this? I’d think they would be more concerned with people comparing Justin to Fidel.

  7. Tell ya whut, if I’ve seen anything close to 81 million people being enthusiastic about anything lately, it’s been “LET’S GO BRANDON!”… and not voting for some old, angry, pathetic, demented Jackass!!

  8. That’s strange because Old Crazy joe makes Justine Castro Trudeau actually look like he has an IQ of at least 60, EH! He should also malign crazy joe just because it makes him look better, EH!

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