Canada: RCMP remove railway protesters from Belleville, Ontario blockade

The Rebel News: At the rail blockade in Tyendinaga, Ontario, just east of Belleville, law enforcement was finally given the green light shortly after 8am today to descend upon the CN rail line and shut down the protest being held in solidarity with those hereditary chiefs in Wet’suwet’en, British Columbia, who are against the #CoastalGasLink mega-project.

The protesters foolishly turned down an offer of clemency if they had chosen to leave the area by Sunday midnight; as a consequence, about a dozen protesters were arrested and hauled off, while their vehicles were towed away.

But in the aftermath, questions arise:

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  1. In Vancouver, protesters were blocking railroad tracks. You know, property where it is well known that people are not welcome. The railroad had to go to court to get an injunction before the police would do anything.

    Canada under Justin.

  2. …there was that time Brian Wilson got run over by a nuclear train because he wouldn’t get off the tracks. That was pretty funny, but all the video is on Lib sites, and I’m not gonna give them traffic.

    …so instead, enjoy the Battleship New Jersey, BB-62, vs. Greenpeace (at 2:04) for an object lesson on how to handle libweenie protesters…

    ..also, this…

  3. ‘Canadians AND Native Americans’…

    The foreshadowing in this story is strong.

    “Tedium ahoy! Bring her about and set sail for non resolution!”

    Pretty much the Canadian motto.

  4. EXCEPT, what no one is saying is that TECH Mining just sent a letter withdrawing their application for another open pit oilsands mine. 20 Billion Lost on Sunday nite.

    CEO Letter reasons listed:
    1) uncertain political environment
    2) conflicting and unclear “carbon” strategy (esp. feds)
    3) unable to guarantee access to markets by RAIL or PIPELINE

    He withdrew 7 hours AFTER Alberta Approved it. (not Alberta’s fault)

    That is just 1 more major infrastructure project cancelled because of the Turdo as well as several others.

    From 5 pipelines down to 1.

    The one pipeline that was abandoned & bought by the Turdo has now TRIPLED in cost projections and is even further delayed.

    And Finally, a new smaller blockade popped late yesterday in Hamilton Ontario.

    The trains are also still not moving because the entire track MUST now be inspected. The Assholes claimed to have unbolted several areas.

    They native environmentalist moved further back onto their own land and started burning tires, garbage, & skids. How environmental of them!

    We are now incapable in Canada of accomplishing the most basic infrastructure items.

  5. Hey Canadians! Phil Sheridan wrote the book on how to handle “these people.” Time to learn the lessons of history.


    The Americans.


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