Canada to release mass killer into community after just 5-years of mental rehab

Edit: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I see now. The nutbag stabbed the people to death. Had he shot them with AN ASSAULT RIFLE they’d bury him under the prison.


Matthew de Grood killed five people at a Brentwood house party in northwest Calgary on April 15, 2014.

A judge in 2016 found de Grood not criminally responsible for the killings because he was suffering from schizophrenia at the time.

A trial heard that de Grood, who was then 22, believed that the devil was talking to him and that a war was about to begin, signalling the end of the world, when he arrived at the Calgary party, which was being held to mark the end of the school year.

Gregg Perras, father of Kaitlin Perras, said he was not surprised by the review board’s decision. 

“We’ve been punched in the head almost every time by this process,” Perras said. “So, I was expecting them to do exactly what the treatment team said. It’s mind boggling that he could have unsupervised access to the community this year.”

The psychiatrist in charge of de Grood’s medical treatment said the man’s risk of reoffending is low.

But Dr. Santoch Rai also told the Alberta Review Board that if de Grood were to commit another offence, it would be severe.



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21 Comments on Canada to release mass killer into community after just 5-years of mental rehab

  1. IF one of the murdered children had been mine, this guy might last 30 days on the streets….
    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”
    Michel de Montaigne

  2. So, you are telling the shrink that you are “better” because if you answer the pysch questions ‘honestly’ they would keep you in the crazy house for the rest of your life. Ed Kemper anyone?

    So he has spent the last 5 year figuring out what the ‘right’ answers are and now he can roam the range free. If he murders again the “Dr.’s” that gave him a clean bill of health and the judge that put him there should be lined up against a wall and shot.

    But I’m with Crackerbaby- if this sack of excrement had murdered my child I would have had the last 5 years to work on my plan and I’ll just end there.

  3. Zonga.

    But your point is WELL TAKEN.

    I’ve seen it all too often. The first time they do it I am a little compassionate. “Okay. I see your reasons why. But now that you’ve relapsed you have no excuse because the consequences of you going off your meds is way worse than being thirsty all the time. That’ll pass.”

    After that. They have no one to blame but themselves.

    But this asshole needed to be put down.

  4. Just a thought…Did he kill any muslims in that group? Because if a family member runs his ass down in the street, they won’t jail the muslim’s fam member. He or she will be a ‘victim’ of the state, instead. You know, unlike the original victims of the murderer.

  5. I prefer the verdict “guilty AND insane.” You then send them to a mental institution until they are deemed competent, then you sentence them for the crime.

  6. @Zonga – you are so right.
    I worked for a guy in 1997 who became a good friend over a very short time. One part of our bonding was that we each had an older brother, mine suffering from depression and in a care facility, his bipolar and similarly in a facility. He mentioned several times that his brother often went off his meds and did crazy things.
    Well, I left working for him in November, knowing that we would keep in touch although the busyness of my new job kept us out of contact… until he was picking his brother up in late December for a family Hanukkah celebration. His brother had gone off his meds, had obtained a kitchen knife and stabbed him to death.
    Our family discussed this in light of my brother. He has never been violent, except to a couple of walls. Be we are well aware of the possibility.

  7. Find out when and where he be released, wait for him with several large kitchen knives.
    Stab perpetrator until your arm got tired, switch arms. Surrender and plead insanity! Demand the same course of treatment he got he got.

  8. His risk of reoffending is low….but if he does, it’ll be a doozy.

    So he’s moving in with the psychiatrist I assume?

  9. Canadians: Get oot! A crazy chinaman is going to stab us. Asian killer: Ah so clazy chinaman sta canu citizah. So solly.

  10. Two words: Tick, Tock

    Many of these psychopaths are much smarter and more clever than the state paid psychiatrists/psychologists. And he only needed to thwart ONE?

  11. My niece was diagnosed this past May. My brothers life will never be the same. He has learned to sleep with one eye open because his wife insists that their daughter live with them.


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