Canada: Toronto bans ‘chief’ from job titles

Spero: The largest public school system in Canada decided to remove the word “chief” from job titles to avoid offending indigenous peoples. The Toronto District School Board is in charge of all public English-speaking schools in Canada’s largest city. It is agreeing to recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was created to document past abuses of indigenous children at the hands of Canada’s former residential school system, and to make recommendations for redress.

It is therefore that job titles such as “chief academic officer,” “chief financial officer,” and “chief communications officer” will be given new names, even though though the use of the word “chief” in those instances did not refer to indigenous people.  more here

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  1. Never ending absurdity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a:chief is not a word of their origin. b: it conveys respect and reverence. How in the hell can it offend?

  2. But isn’t the word “chief” and english word?
    And wouldn’t limiting it to the native Canucks be “cultural appropriation”?

  3. This is what happens when conservative parents treat the PTA and the School Board Elections as a joke. While the parents are busy ading the rec room or patio the kids are being educated by teachers hired by these leftists who recognized the importance of controlling education from an early age. With luck during the next election some conservatives will run that will use this to show how out of touch with reality the current boars has become.

  4. I was always offended by the term. I’m no Indian, I mean native original owner, but I was offended for Indians – uh I mean original owners because I care deeply for others that I don’t know and have never met.

  5. I just looked up the etymology of chief and found out the word dates from the 1300- long before the heads of tribes were known as chiefs. I guess Canucks can’t use the internet. I think a big “go piss up a rope” is in order for this one.

  6. Larry has to be pulling our leg. There is no way anyone could possibly so sensitive, except of course Elizibeth Warren. Now she would understand what is right and wrong when it comes to understanding the plight of chiefs and whities.

  7. Based on todays news, Holder and Mueller are going to jail. IF it’s followed up. Oh wait, I forgot, that would be Sessions. And also based on todays news, Hilary should have already been there. But we all knew that.

  8. no kidding … back in the ’90’s I was ‘Chief Construction Inspector’ … due to ‘correction/reorganization’ I became ‘Unit Coordinator’
    I vociferously noted to the Reorganization Committee & the HR Department that I have always had an ability to ‘coordinate’ my ‘unit’, but I didn’t think it was appropriate to advertise that fact on my job title
    … retired as ‘Chief’ …. thank you very much

  9. Henceforth, the term ‘Chief’ will be replaced by the word ‘Comrade’ or ‘Kulak’, depending on the exact circumstances. So it will be Kulak of Police, Comrade Petty Officer, Fire Station Kulak, etc.

    This is in line with the ideological imperatives of Progressives and SJWs.

  10. Canada has come a long way. In the early 70s a common job title was “Gal Friday”. When sex discrimination was banned, the ads were revised to read “Gal Friday M/F”

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