Canada: Toronto Liberals’ ammo ban seemed like such a great idea…

10 Comments on Canada: Toronto Liberals’ ammo ban seemed like such a great idea…

  1. Why do politicians assume laws will be obeyed? Laws NEVER affect behavior. The merely allow the state to assume statutory rights in pursuing criminal proceedings after the fact.

    The victim is dead, mutilated, raped, killed in the womb, sidelined, upsided, or otherwise victimized and harshed. The human toll of suffering is not at all affected by laws.

    Laws just allow the State to have standing to address the issue after harm is done. After. Get yer’ head around that.

  2. I only had to spank my bullets once and they never crapped in the house again….yer such a good bullet, yes you are, yes you are….

  3. Lowell, succinct! Perfectly said. “Laws just allow the state to have standing” after the fact. Get yer head around that indeed!

  4. @Lowell ~ politicians do not ‘assume laws will be obeyed’ they only hold up the pretense that, if they pass strictures, regulations, laws, which only increase restrictions on the masses, that the masses will be happily placated.
    as a bonus, the masses will reward them for the pretense ……. hypocrisy at its finest

  5. I do not believe in spanking my bullets, I believe they be allowed to explore their world, they seem to enjoy the companionship in their 15 round magazine. I sometimes feel they are spending to much time with just their own kind.

  6. Laws do, indeed, affect action.
    How many people (particularly politicians and lawyers) would be dead if homicide were legal?

    The fact that if one kills another, that one will die (or worse), surely has an influence on the decision.

    And, as to the issue above, if the people are disarmed (or un-ammunitioned), what purpose have the Police and Military to be armed (or ammunitioned)?

    What hypocrisy!
    The people of Toronto are SUBJECTS – not CITIZENS – and thus have no right to self-defense – or any other rights not afforded by their masters.
    Our Second Amendment is not there for Bambi – or the local Meth-Head!

    A disarmed people is a subject people.

    “… But it shows what is to be expected of the Jews when they are in possession of arms.”
    (Goebbel’s Diary, vis-a-vis the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. @willysgoatgruff: Where do you spank your bullets? I tried spanking mine on their backsides and they just went ballistic on me!



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