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Canada’s Eight-Year-Old Drag Queen

With “supportive parents” eight-year-old Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden makes appearances at gay clubs in Montreal as “Lactatia.” The boy made a big splash recently on the internet when a he gave advice for other children who aren’t allowed perform in drag.


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  1. Marvel at this. One province in Canada will take children from their parents if their parents don’t play along with the kid’s gender confusion. But this kid’s parents are totally safe.

    This world has become seriously fucked up.

  2. 8 year old boys shouldn’t even have the word FABULOUS in their vocabulary. That there is CHILD ABUSE plan and simple! Thanks again QUEER MAFIA!

  3. The “proud mother” should be locked away for life for severe child abuse. The picture of her is self explanatory……. nose ring, vacant and dead eyes, and loads of “titty tats”. No wonder the child is as queer as a football bat with the pathetic example he has to follow. The “father” should be locked in the same cell as the insane mother forever for punishment (that would be about the worst punishment I could ever imagine for myself).

  4. This is no different than grooming a child for evil intent. Sadly, I predict an early death for this
    boy, committed at the hands of his parents.

  5. See?
    It ain’t just the MSM, Academia, the FedGov, and the Demonrats … it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

    Satan stalks the Earth.
    Doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in him – he don’t care!

    This is nothing less than child-sacrifice. It would have been quicker (and more humane) to throw him into a fire.

    God protect him – cuz his parents and Canada sure as Hell won’t.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. That right there is an abused child.

    I heard it through the grapevine:
    Steve Scalise was shot because of his dedication to stopping child trafficking, he was going after pedos in high places..

  7. May this child find release from these ridiculous parents.
    This is way worse that living through your kid’s little league

  8. Sexualizing children is wrong.

    I’m looking at you, all you Ramsey-like parents putting your kids in beauty pageants all dolled up.

    I wince slightly when I see a pre-teen girl wearing any make up.

    Cross-sexualizing? That’s even wronger.

  9. I’ll bet cash money this kid will commit suicide around 30 to 40 years old after a life of being exploited and sexually molested. His “parents” will either not remember him or blame everyone else and demand some government money. I feel so sorry for this poor child and nothing but contempt for the LGBT community and government that aid and abet this sort of behaviour.

  10. This is what’s known as the IOTWReport diet. Read an article like this, involuntarily turn down food for 24 hours.

  11. The key to all this is making a segment “protected”.
    Once it’s “protected” with Political Correctness they can get away with a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g… and get paid for it to boot!
    Gayness and all the perversion that goes with it: Protected!
    Muzlims and all its brutality: Protected!
    BLM: Protected!
    Rules for Radicals. See how it works?

  12. “Satan stalks the Earth.
    Doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in him – he don’t care!”

    Tim, just perfect for today.

    We need a bumper sticker so’s we can drag this everywhere we go.

  13. I’d rip him a new asshole!


    He is like a precious goat – say “Baa!”

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