Canadian border patrol overwhelmed with with wave of illegals fleeing America

DMUK: The border officer’s union in Canada wants to beef up security along the United States border after 382 people made asylum claims at a single entry point in January and a further 200 entered illegally in the last week.

Jean-Pierre Fortin, president of the Customs and Immigration Union, said he believes there are more illegal crossings taking place than officials are aware of.

One port in Quebec has experienced a particularly large number of asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants – the Saint Bernard Lecolle in the small town of Emerson, Manitoba, just outside of Montreal.

Fortin said that last week alone, at least 200 immigrants entered the country illegally near the Lecolle port. He said the influx began in November 2016 – the month Donald Trump was elected president.

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20 Comments on Canadian border patrol overwhelmed with with wave of illegals fleeing America

  1. Hey, you dumb Hosers we have approximately 40-50 million illegal scum bags we will send you plus a bunch of hate American Marxists of all sizes, shapes, colors and levels of insanity! Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas from Uncle Sam!

  2. “Canadian border patrol overwhelmed with with wave of illegals fleeing America”

    We’re winning and I’m gloating more and more each day! Let Canada take them in, deal with their violence and thievery. Those illegals better learn to speak French and fast! Those French Canadians don’t take to any other foreign language. Many speak English but for the most part – it’s French! Enjoy your new home illegals!

  3. Try to remember that for years during the Bush and Obama administrations when we had Stephen Harper as our Prime Minister we were the closest thing to a conservative government in North America so ease up on the insults after all, we didn’t insult your country while Obama was wrecking it. Yes, we have a leftist moron in charge now desperately trying to please his dead father and tramp mother with these increasingly dangerous policies but at least public opinion is slowly turning against him even though he’s “dreamy” one. His government has already said that they have the border situation in hand and for Canadians not to worry but I do wish to see this increase in asylum seekers become a flood if only for a few days. Then maybe that slowly lowering opinion of him will turn to active dislike when enough Canadians that voted for his pecs and ass will realize just how terribly mistaken they were in voting Liberal.

  4. No dropping them off south of the border either.
    You take them all the way home.
    We ain’t Mexico, who runs an industry shipping folks north

  5. Someone check a map. Last time I looked, Manitoba was nowhere near Montreal…unless Ontario was ceded to Manitoba. That would be a big story, but fake.

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