Canadian Court sides with bank staffer who says he was denied promotion because he’s not gay

Finally a North American court begins to see with a clear mind.

At least the complaint will be heard in a court.


The Canadian Human Rights Commission was ordered to properly assess a discrimination complaint by a former employee of a major bank who claims his boss told him he had “no hope” for promotion unless he joined their “group” of gay and bisexual men.

He was told only males who were gay or bisexual were promoted in the office, he claims.

The commission had improperly dismissed the employee’s discrimination complaint based on sexual orientation, in this case for being straight, the Federal Court of Canada ruled.

At a one-on-one meeting with his manager on Sept. 15, 2015, Jagadeesh said he was told that every male manager in the office was gay or bisexual, and, unless he joined this “group” there was “no hope” for him, court heard.

Jagadeesh claims the manager said this was why young male employees with little or no qualifications were promoted; told him to “be smart and learn”; and then allegedly asked Jagadeesh what he thought of him.

Jagadeesh said he replied that he thought of him as just his manager. He claims he told his boss he was willing to work with anyone but he was not gay or bisexual.

The incident negatively impacted his “mental stress and self-dignity,” he said, but it was not his only trouble at work.


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  1. Experience the same thing daily.

    So, as a white man over 40, which group should I join? Young Professionals? Asian Synergy Network? The Womens’ group? The black group? The LatinoX group? The LGBTBBQWTF group?

    You’ve got to join more than one or you’re not going to get a promotion.

    While everyone’s dicking around with their segregated identity groups who seek to leverage their identity in networking for jobs, does any work actually get done?

    I stare at my retirement forecasts daily.

  2. I’m not surprised it’s the CIBC. They are known for being the “slow” one in the banking industry in Canada. I had a buddy that recently retired from their IT group and most of the people that he worked with hated the joint and some of the stories he told made you wonder how the hell they kept their banking charter.

  3. Complete
    Bank of

    Our second worst bank in Canuckistan beaten only by Bank Of Montreal who years ago changed its name to BMO because on the Quebec bad image throughout Canada.

    TD and Royal are the 2 Go to Banks up here.


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